A Contest of Nisse and Release


White Dove researched the Crystal Cage on how to remove Shiga.

Tendai researched the defenses of the manse and city.

Vashtim poured his essence into the city defenses to charge them up faster.

Atash spoke with Bedre about his plans for the city now that the Fair Folk have been routed. He stated that they want to continue trading with the land of the living. They agreed to pull back all forces into the shadowland as a sign of good faith.

On her way back she ran into Ragara Camasto who informed her of a small stealthy group of Dragon-Blooded that were operating in the inner circle of Nathir. The were tunneling into the manse.

The group investigated and discovered a hole in the side of the wall. They followed it down to discover that the Dragon-Blooded strike force had attached a device to some pipes. The fight was quick and deadly. The Dragon-Blooded leader managed to inject a substance into the water pipe before he killed himself by causing a cave in.

The group escaped with the container that held a small portion of the poison.



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