A Contest of Nisse and Release


Be it known that four days have passed. White Dove and Tendai worked hard creating combos. On the fourth day, White Dove performed the ritual to release the essence of Shiga/Anden from the Crystal Cage. It worked and the exaltation poured into Idel. She exploded with essence and the image of a large bull filled up the The Eternal Fortress. She promptly passed out. Reyny has been missing for several weeks now.

Tendai discovered the antidote for the poison that was put into the water supply and treated the water by directly introducing the cure into the water tanks in the bowels of the manse that Vashtim located.

Atash watched over the city with the help of Buandu. They noticed that the Wyld Hunt has constructed a bridge made of stone that connects up to the inner ring of Nathir. The only thing that lies between the Wyld Hunt and the city is a wall of tin.

Ragara Camasto returned after talking to the Gold Faction members and they are ready to take control of the Hunt if the five lynch pins are removed from the Hunt, Mnemon Tochpoko, Cathak Nyma, Sesus Chenow, Tepet Moza and Tepet Yumi.

The circle was counselled by Camasto and the best option would be to get the arrogant and proud Dragon-Blooded to celebrate a significant victory which would get them all in one place with the suggestions of the Gold Faction members within their ranks.

It was decided that White Dove would travel to Nexus via the gateways and find some irresistible drink and food that can only be found on the Blessed Isle. She found a nice shop ran by Tsuki Ajin. The overweight merchant was doubtful of her ability to purchase some of his finer things when she had one of her servants produce a brick of green jade. He took her upstairs and after a little digging he opened a case of an aperitif called the Tears of Pasiap (Elemental Dragon of Earth). The Mountain Folk that reside in the Imperial Mountain have an artifact distillery that they use to transform the tears of the Elemental Dragon, Pasiap who is bound under the mountain, into the very potent and rare, clear blue liquid. A case of 6 small decanters cost her one brick of green jade. She also purchased some fresh game and fowl found on the Blessed Isle.

Tendai and Atash searched the inner circle for a building that they could use as a trap for the Wyld Hunt. They found a single spire condos that had a good over look to the outer ring. Tendai began to forge attack plans and troop movements in order to make the place look like a forward operating base. Complete with repair plans for the final drawbridge that is stuck open.

Vashtim was sitting on the throne when he heard a small metal clanking in the chair. Upon closer inspection he discovered that the motif in the back of the chair that looked like a image of the sun engraved was in fact a separate piece of jewelry. He looked up the chair in his book of the Manse and discovered that it was The Ring of the Deliberative artifact.



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