A Contest of Nisse and Release


Series Finale

The group sat in waiting for the Dragon-Blooded army to arrive. Hours passed and the army began to move past the apartment complex trap. The Gold Faction ringers stopped the march to report that an outpost had been discovered and that very rare libations were found inside. Ragara Camasto was directed to search the tower with his troupe and see if it was a trap by Mnemon Tochpoko. He and his men who were also gold faction members searched and when they reached the level where the group lay in wait they told them of the plan. Vashtim, Atash and Tendai waited in the apartments above while White Dove lay in wait in a garden outside of the kitchen dressed as a servant. Her plan was to poison the officers with a concoction that was created by Tendai. It would not kill them but would make them sluggish. Vashitim had Tendai score the stone floor so that he could bust through at the right moment. Tendai and Atash would swing down at the right moment.

Ragara Camasto continued his “search” of the building and then returned to Mnemon Tochpoko. She summoned the other officers and the army settled down for the night. The servants entered first and cleaned the apartment and prepared food. The officers followed a few hours later.

White Dove kept a close eye on the proceedings and when the Dragon-Blooded had finished their 5 course meal they began to consume the Tears of Pasiap. They overheard talk of the Realm and of another mysterious director of the Wyld Hunt called, Vakra The Hidden Knife. White Dove waited until they were into their third bottle when she snuck out of hiding as a servant and blended in. She put the poison at the bottom of their glasses. The servants did not notice as they had been leaving as most of the chores were done. White Dove served the poisoned drinks and then went out on the balcony to signal the others.

Atash crashed through the front window and attacked Sesus Chenow which activated his combo with his essence whip, Demon’s Tounge. The two exchanged blows until all at once they both dropped to the ground, dead. Vashtim broke through the floor with one chop and landed in the middle of the table. The Dragon-Blooded pitched backwards in their chairs landing on their backs on the floor. Vashtim pointed at them and told them to surrender. The groggy, officers of the Wyld Hunt sneered at him. Tendai swung in through the window and attacked Mnemon Tochpoko which set off her combo. Her attacks rang out with sleet, wind and ice as she reduced him to a heap on the ground. White Dove attacked with her Celestial Chakram. Atash sat back up with a gasp as her Gem of Adamant Skin restored her to life. Vashtim and White Dove attacked but with some caution. This continued and Atash attacked Tepet Moza with her combo and he was decapitated while running Atash through with Silent Vengeance. Atash dropped to the floor dead, again. White Dove and Vashtim continued to spar with Mnemon Tochpoko, Tepet Yumi and Cathak Nyma. Vashtim continued his attack on Mnemon Tochpoko the next turn and Atash sat up for a second time. Atash immediately attacked Tepet Yumi with her combo and killed her. White Dove popped around the corner and threw her chakram one final time striking Cathak Nyma, killing her and then the chakram bounced to Mnemon Tochpoko and lodged into her forehead bringing the Wyld Hunt to an end.

The group recovered for an hour then went out onto the balcony overlooking the army and addressed them. Vashtim ignited his anima of a phoenix when he told them that they were able to be part of a new age of wonder and peace through their leadership. White Dove’s anima of ravens took flight as she informed them that they have been lied to for a thousand years by the current, corrupt leaders of the Realm. Tendai and Atash both ignited their animas, an image of Ninla, Master of Ore and Diamond and a Kraken exploded out of them and they backed up their friend’s speech. (36 total successes) One by one the soldiers both mortal and Dragon-Blooded alike laid down their arms and surrendered to the circle.

The camera view pulls back to a street filled with an army surrendering to an overhead view of Nathir. The camera view pulls further back to show Nathir sitting on the confluence of two rivers, the Maruto and the Yellow. The view continues to pull back to show the East of Creation then further back to reveal all of Creation.

Fade to Black.

Credits roll up

Atash Baixe played by Julie W.
Tendai Haraki played by Mike K.
Vashtim Skerene played by Brad B.
White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity played by Mary R.

Special guest appearance by
Bob M.
Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master

Story and Directed by
Kirk M.

Credits roll off the top

Fade up from black

A small set of feet walk down an abandoned street. They eventually get to a gate that easily opens onto a graveyard surrounding a large church built of black basalt. The small feet continue down the path until it ends at the door to the The Black Warrens. The door made of wood with images of tortured humans swings open silently. Inside the place of worship is lit by stained glass images of death and destruction that slowly move on the black polished floor. The sickly yellow illumination reveals a large statue in the middle of the altar is an image of a human figure in a leather floor length skirt. The arms of the figure are covered in straps of leather. Above the bare chested image is a head covered by a large spider that is clutching it’s face. The spider is penetrated by two spikes that continue into the eye sockets of the being. The small boy looks at it, unmoved. A voice speaks out from a dark shrine nearby.
“Does he scare you?” the voice says. The small boy’s head slowly shakes, no. “Well he scares me.” The voice whispers as the figure of Bedre steps from the darkness of the shrine. “He is death, incarnate, you know.” The boy looks up at the image, unafraid. Bedre holds out his hand to the boy. “I have such sights to show you.” He says to the boy and the two hold hands. They begin to walk into the dark shrine. Bedre disappears into the darkness and the small boy turns to look upon Creation outside the doors one last time. Reyny smiles and turns to follow Bedre into the darkness.




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