A Contest of Nisse and Release


The Bull

Tendai and White Dove decide to take the advice of Buandu to bring in supplies to the city. So the gateway is activated and the two take a large group of mortals to Great Forks.

When they arrive they discover that the Wyld Hunt is currently scouring the city for any sign of the exalted. They keep a low profile and move through the city.

At the end of the day the mortals return with supplies and they are all shipped back to Nathir.

Meanwhile Atash and Vashtim decide to take a close look at the enemy. So they charge out into the battlefield and engage some of the Fair Folk. The batalion is decimated and the surrounding forces are routed. The two return to Vashtim’s manse.

Later that day Vashtim travels to Nexus and recruits his former ludis mates to help in the battle. Magnus agrees to help for a brick of green jade (100 dots of resources). The The Jade Order packs up and relocates to Nathir.

Vashtim then takes the advice of Magnus and locates a suitable mercenary troup. He hires them to help in the battle as well. 10 dots in resources are required to complete this.

Vashtim suddenly recalls that there is a vault located somewhere in his manse filled with jade. he just has to find it.

Both groups return about the same time.

Suddenly, the doors to the manse are thrown open and Shiga enters. He loudly announces who he is and how he is feeling. Shiga rushes up to Atash and picks her up and hugs her. Atash sees something in his eyes that reminds her of Anden. He seems a little confused about who he is. Shiga takes the reigns and tells the group what they should do the following morning. “Smash the left flank!” Atash mentions attacking the crystal keep but Shiga tells them that the structure is pretty solid. He has not been able to damage it.



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