A Contest of Nisse and Release


The Rout of 4000 Years

The Glorious Circle of Solar Exalted that were chosen to protect Nathir decided to take the airship Anger of the Unconquered Sun and travel to the The Growing Flower to turn over the soul of Anden/Shiga to Erel Dharne in order to win her favor and possibly her aid in talking her brother out of destroying Nathir.

They suited up. Vashtim Skerene donned The Armor of the Fist and found Flying Silver Dream.

Tendai Haraki prepped the airship for take off. While the rest of the group spoke with the city leaders and calmed them down and told them that they were going to go to the Fair Folk with the intention of stopping the siege of Nathir.

The group boarded the large vessel and launched. As they soared over the city they saw the destruction that was being dealt to the outer circle by the Foster. The closer the ship sailed to the enemy they noticed the landscape change because of the influence of the Fair Folk. Abnormal flora and fauna grew increasingly more visible with the quick approach.

While Vashtim was walking the ship he heard some clinking noises and upon investigating he found Kioki Mayako was making tea. He asked her what she was doing on board and she told him that she wanted to see things in person. She also came with a warning,
“The madness is red and full of hate. They cannot see through.”
“The cage holds more than one. The cycle will be broken”
Vashtim sighed and went above to tell the others. Kioki followed and delivered the message to the rest. The group also discussed the motives of Shiga in regards to the Fair Folk. Kioki informed them that the Fair Folk had demanded tribute from the populace of Nathir for the last 700 years. After Shiga returned to the city as an Exalt he immediately went out and confronted Erel Dharne. Kioki cannot attest to what transpired or what lead to Shiga attacking Erel. Kioki then handed Vashtim a cold iron dagger wrapped in cloth. He had White Dove hide it in his greaves.

The group decided to change the plan and use a more aggressive approach to the Fair Folk siege with the new information given to them.

They would trap the leaders of the Fair Folk in the cage forever.

When they arrived White Dove announced they come to deliver the essence of Shiga as a peace offering. All the while Kioki brought up a table and chairs to set up tea and cookies. White Dove partook of the refreshments after her twenty minute speech.

The group entered the Growing Flower and were met by Cura. The group was lead into the throne room where they ran into a departing delegation from the Wyld Hunt. A woman leading the group was Mnemon Tochpoko, the leader of the Eastern Division. White Dove and Vashtim recognized one of the members leaving was Tepet Yumi, Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master’s spurned fiance. They made no mention of it to the others as they were afraid that Atash Baixe would attack her and spoil the surprise.

The group approached the throne with Lesoj Ssambrae sitting unmovable. The group was aware that there were twenty Fair Folk Caraphract standing guard. The gallery was filled with visiting diplomats from other courts across Creation.

White Dove began a speech of greetings, compliments and oaths fulfilled by the capture of Shiga in the Crystal Cage. During her presentation Erel crept from behind the back of the throne to see the crystal cage. Upon finishing her parlay, bowing slightly. Vashtim launched himself over her and attacked Lesoj with Flying Silver Dream. He drove the blade into his shoulder and into his chest mortally wounding him with one blow. Atash activated her combo, ____________ and launched into Erel with her full kraken anima writhing out over all the gathered crowd. In a blur of steel, fury and essence she cut the Fair Folk diplomat until she imploded. The orbs of essence left behind were instantly sucked into the crystal cage. Tendai attacked two nearby caraphract guards with his Serpent Sting Staff. Vashtim continued with his second attack by bringing the cold iron dagger up and into the face of the slumping forward body of Lesoj. The blade went through his mouth and into his head causing him to implode into essence that was immediately sucked into the crystal cage. Tendai finished out his attacks on the warriors wounding one significantly.

In one sweeping motion, White Dove finished her bow, activated her anima of ravens swirling around her, stood up and turned in front of the throne to address the gathered Fair Folk as Vashtim dislodged his cold iron dagger out of the back of the throne itself. White Dove threatened the same fate would happen to any Fair Folk who continued the attack on Nathir. They were all told to leave and not return for the next 4000 years. (Scoring 22 successes on this threat)

As she finished her commination, the crystal structure began to fracture and sparkles of crystal descended upon the gathered. The Fair Folk fled the structure. The group slowly walked out of the Growing Flower as it collapsed behind them and boarded their airship to return to Nathir. The ship took to the skies and Kioki was delighted to witness the rescue of Nathir in person. The army of the Fair Folk began routing into the East. The rubble of the Growing Flower exploded as the pent up essence from the level 5 Demense was released wiping away the effects of the Fair Folk corruption.

The ship sailed over the city and landed back in the docking bay. When they arrived on the main level of the The Eternal Fortress a good portion of the citizens were waiting and cheering them on. A grand feast was being prepared. Vashtim was told that 3000 troops are ready to command by Magnus.

White Dove was approached by Idel and she asked if Shiga was still inside the crystal cage. White Dove told her yes and Idel asked if he could be released. White Dove told her she would research it.

Vashtim suddenly became aware that he had not seen Reyny in several weeks.



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