A Contest of Nisse and Release

Episode 1.10

After-Party and Departure

The quick zombies charge into the Ovid’s estate. White Dove tracked the undead through the estate until she realized that they were all heading upstairs with intense purpose.

She goes outside to tell a blazing Vashtim who was cleaning up the last few altered zombies. The newly killed began to stir before her eyes she tells Vashtim. Then she notices that Atash is not where she fell.

Both White Dove and Vashtim head inside to track the fast zombies. Vashtim cuts down the shambling dead as they go. They come to a hallway where several stumbling dead linger. Vashtim begins to whirl Sun Splinter over his head while turning in circles and moving down the hall. Time slows as chunks of plaster from the walls fill the air. The shambling dead pause from the intense righteous flames pouring off of Vashtim’s aura. The shamblers are sliced into pieces sending heads, hands, arms, legs and gore in all directions. White Dove glides along behind him, not a hair out of place, head bowed and gently fanning her face.

Upon reaching Ovid’s study they see that the balcony has a pile of furniture on it and several quick zombies trying to climb up to get to the roof. Vashtim picks up a fainting couch and charges the nearest one. It dodges and grabs the couch turns and tosses Vashtim off the balcony. He lands in a fountain in the yard below. As he looks up he sees Ovid and a few people on the roof. Ovid calls out Vashtim’s name. Two of the zombies leap down after Vashtim. White Dove moves outside quietly and makes sure Vashtim is safe. She then saw that Ovid was on the roof with a few others.

White Dove hides in the study and watches as another quick zombie enters and looks up through the ceiling at where Ovid is standing. It then moves outside and tries to climb up the pile of furniture.

Vashtim dispatches the zombies that followed him and races upstairs.

Using his last reserves of Willpower and Essence Vashtim becomes a blur of Orichalcum as he moves through the group of dead. The phoenix of essence blazes several stories into the night sky over Bastion District. As he comes to a stop the zombies fall to the ground dead, again. The anima cuts down to a blazing bonfire. Depleted of his essence he leans on his large golden sword. White Dove glides on to the balcony. She asks if everyone is alright.

Ovid calls down that they are alright but a woman has been hurt. White Dove and Vashtim get everyone down from the roof and as they are exiting the estate the woman collapses and coughs up blood. Vashtim tells White Dove to take everyone else outside. The woman looks up at Ovid’s wife as she reaches out to help the woman up, and she hisses at her.

The group goes outside and Vashtim takes care of the woman. Ovid’s wife tells White Dove that the woman was her sister.

White Dove takes Ovid and his wife back to her estate. She tells Tendai and Zaiku. They tell her of Tepet Yummi’s visit.

Vashtim waits at Ovid’s until the local mercenary group shows up. He helps them clear the grounds. He suddenly realizes that Atash is missing. He doggedly searches for her over the next few hours.

Unknown to him, Atash has been brought to a crypt below the estate. She awakes fully healed to find herself inside the last resting place of a mighty solar. The place has several antechambers filled with weapons and armor. She finds a hearthstone set in a tiara upon her head. A figure stands in the corner. He looks like he is in pain. It is Bedre. He tells her that she needs to stay here for a while longer so she can fully attune to the manse. He bids her farewell and leaves. As he goes she notices that his shadow is not in sync with his movements and it looks decrepit and wrong. She rests there for a few hours.

Vashtim hears something is the back part of the estate grounds. As he moves closer to the sound he sees a statue move back into place and click. After examining the statue he sees that there is a series of triggers that have to be adjusted in order to open the crypt. Several hours later he cracks the code and the statue pulls back to reveal Atash moving up and out of the manse. She tells him to go down and pick out some weapons and armor for him and the others. They both eventually make it back to White Dove’s house.

After breakfast the group decides to leave Nexus at noon. White Dove tries to get supplies together and make several decoys but finds that her efforts are being blocked by supernatural forces.

Atash goes directly to her ship and notices that there is a very large number of Imperial ships moored in the Yellow River.

Vashtim goes to The Jade Order to see if they can smuggle him to the dock. They agree.

White Dove takes off her make-up and dresses as a servant. She heads out with Naka and they sneak down to the docks.

Tendai takes the rest of the mortals through the markets and eventually to the dock. Everyone is dressed like servants. Anden sees the ships guarding the river and starts to panic.

Zaiku leaves and leads the people watching the house on a wild goose chase through the city where he ditches them and sneaks to the dock.

Atash starts to move the Red Cutlass out of the dock and into the Yellow River. White Dove notices the Wyld Hunt ships start to pull anchor and move toward them. Anden sees this as well and begins to freak out. Saying things like “They are going to capture us” and “I can’t endanger my son again”.

Anden erupts into golden essence and light. The totem of a golden tornado fills the sky above the Red Cutlass. Suddenly a blazing blue jade spear tears through the face and chest of Anden, killing him instantly.



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