A Contest of Nisse and Release

Episode 1.8

Money and Healing

The group arrived back at White Dove’s estate.

Vashtim decided to take a nap to regain his health.

White Dove also refreshed herself. Ovid personally stopped by to invite everyone to a party at his estate in the Bastion District.

Tendai attended to the wounds of Anden and Zaiku. Anden was healed immediately but Zaiku would take 12 hours.

Atash decided to get her winnings from Yagin in the Nexus district. She was awarded her money without any problem. I brick and 7 bars of green Jade.

On her way back she became aware that she was being followed. Atash decided to stand her ground against her attackers. The battle was seven against one and it was fought to the bloody end. Atash stood victorious against her attackers. Deeply wounded and nearly dead Shakil and Atash returned to the estate.

Tendai paused in his work on Zaiku to heal up Atash and Shakil.

Atash set some of the servants to purchase a dress for her. She also had some items bought for Vashtim so that he could dress up for the event.

The group was preparing to go the after party celebration at Ovid’s estate.



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