A Contest of Nisse and Release


The group arrived at the House of Ten Flowers. Several dead bodies were strewn across the ground.

Atash drew her swords and charged through the swarm of Sylvestres. Vashtim picked up White Dove and carried her through the swarm.

When they arrived on the other side Botai told them to seek shelter inside. She noticed the glowing caste mark on the forehead of Atash and said “more solars have arrived.”

The group broke up and began to assault the swarm as it dipped closer to them.

White Dove threw her starmetal chakrams into the mass shredding the creatures.

Vashtim drew his Orichalcum Daiklaive, Sun Splinter and began cleaving away at them.

Atash drew her Orichalcum Reaper Daiklaives and began to whirl around like a tornado that tore through the flock.

White Dove received the brunt of the attack and was badly wounded by the creatures.

When the last few were dispatched the group looked up to see a figure riding a great beast, Gagana. It was Lesoj Ssambrae and he was full of furious rage at the defeat of his behemoths. He pointed his crystal spear at the group and called out “Woman, you have plagued me for centuries. I will see you destroyed!”. He then pulled out a small flute and blew it. Moments later large insects began to fly up over the walls and dive bomb the city. The curled up into a ball and crashed through buildings.

Vashtim tried to get Botai to move into his manse but botched his roll so Botai said they would prepare but would not leave immediately. He told her that she would be destroyed when he activated the city defenses. White Dove remembered that there was essence cannon defenses that were specifically for Ariel attacks. They would be fine.

White Dove and Tendai stayed at the House of Ten Flowers so White Dove could heal. Atash and Vashtim bolted back to the manse to turn on the defenses.

On the way they encountered one of the Dinsele that were attacking the city. Vashitm rushed it and the creature swallowed him in it’s maw. Atash used her combo and turned the creature into a fine mist. Vashtim emerged covered in goo.

As the two continued onto the manse one of the Dinsele crashed through the outer walls of the city and it fell into the canal. The city has been breached.

Atash and Vashtim made it back and went to the throne room where they found the alcove with the weapon. Vashtim sat down and activated it. The system seemed to do all the work as statues around the city emitted bolts of essence that destroyed all of the creatures over the next several hours.

Vashtim took a bath. Atash took a nap. White Dove healed, a little.



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