Cathak Athyen


Lookshy military official who is in charge of supplying military with foodstuffs.

Fire Aspected

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity accepted his invitation to the River Games. White Dove found out that Athyen is cutting corners with the food and screwing the Realm out of quite a bit of money in the process.

He recently landed a large sum of Jade by setting up supply lines for the Wyld Hunt while they are in Nexus.

He brought Tepet Yumi to the Games. Athyen recognized Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master for who he was and wanted Yumi to arrive to verify his claim that Zaiku was indeed not dead as Cathak Giren had been telling everyone for the last few months.

He has become increasingly interested in White Doves connection to Zaiku as well as her other companions.

Cathak Athyen

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