Young attractive warrior woman


Traveling to the west to find help for their hometown of Nathir.

Wife to Andel. Mother to Mara and Reyny.

She went through a period of severe mourning for her husband while in Great Forks. Just before the group left she attended a performance at the Pillow. It was called The Glorious Life and Death of Anden. It was the telling of her husband Anden. His life, Death and re-birth as a solar.

The leader of the Pillow was Rainbow Star and she took Mara and Naka to the Wyld when the group of exalted confronted her.

Idel seems to have a new lease on life now that she knows her husband is still alive.

When Idel found out that Shiga harbored the essence of Anden in the form of his Exaltation she threw herself at the feet of Shiga and he spurned her. She repeatedly tried to rekindle her relationship but every time Anden welled up in him he turned away from her. Reyny also tried to reconcile the reincarnation but was treated poorly and ran away. Idel recently found out but is consumed with Shiga.


Now that the love of her life has been killed she is spiralling into depression. She is pulling away from the world and her children.

Idel grew up in Nexus and her family moved to Nathir when she was ten. Her mother began working in an opium den called the House of Ten Flowers. Her father became a servant in the house of a local senator.

She went into service of the city guard by the time she was seventeen. She was exceptionally good at fighting and was quick to move up in the ranks.

She met Anden and they hit it off right away. They settled down and had two kids, Mara and Reyny



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