Madam Zeta

Brothel Owner and Madam


Zeta grew up in the Imperial City where, as a young girl, she worked for a prominent brothel called the Glimmering Lotus. She began her career working as a cleaning girl and eventually began learning the trade of companion when she came of age. She was sent to Geisha training academy in Nexus called The Garden where she graduated top of her class. She returned and worked for Glimmering Lotus for several years until she was the most sought after companion in the Realm. She saved her money and moved to Lookshy to be with her lover Mnemon Anier. He was killed in battle and she has foresworn any male lover since.

She runs Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom in the city of Lookshy.

She oversaw the training of White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity as well as Polished Jade.

Their rivalry culminated in a disastrous event and the tea house caught fire and burned to the ground killing Polished Jade and Ronin.

Zeta had more than enough resources to rebuild the teahouse, but she knew that Raven would need to be hidden in case anyone recognized her as an anathema. So she helped smuggle Raven out of the city and sponsored her at a Geisha training academy, The Garden in Nexus.

Zeta helped White Dove establish her own thriving practice in Nexus. With which she helped repay Zeta through secrets she gleaned from her customers. Zeta always welcomes White Dove whenever she comes back home. She is the younger sister she never had. Zeta is ten years older than White Dove.


Madam Zeta

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