Lanista of the Jade Order


Owns a Ludus in Nexus called the The Jade Order.

He began his career as a slave sold to the games. He lived and The Jade Order purchased him. There he trained for years and finally made a name for himself as Flamepiercer when he killed a young Dragon Blooded in the arena.

He eventually won his freedom and purchased the Ludus.

He saw Vashtim Skerene protect his fellow combatants from a group of hungry lions with the help of an escaped lion.

He purchased both and trained them both. Soon Vashtim brought great glory and honor to the Ludus.

Several months later, at the River Games, undead rose up and attacked the arena. Vashtim exalted in front of the crowd and saved many people including Magnus and Ovid, a Nexus Senator. Magnus freed Vashtim.

Vashtim has relocated his Ludus to Nathir and they are busy trying to train the local farmers and craftsmen to defend the city.


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