Nexus Senator


Ovids estate 1st floor

Ovid s estate 2nd floor


Ovid grew up in Nexus with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Sent to all the best schools. He was primed for his role in government. He was disappointed while climbing the political ladder. He made it to Senator and everything seemed to lock up.

His career was stopped dead in it’s track by another local politician who was on Council of Entities. Ovid offended him at a party and was never forgiven.

Ovid was at the River Games when chaos ensued. The undead corpses of the dead gladiators attacked the citizens but they seemed more interested in Ovid. He was saved by a newly exalted Vashtim Skerene.

He has sworn to help Vashtim wherever and whenever he can.

A year later after the River Games, Ovid announced he was running for Minister of Public Entertainment and the city’s overall good health. Then all hell broke loose. The undead attacked and Ovid fled to the roof of his villa with his wife and her sister. From there they watched as the people attending his party were butally killed and resurected as zombies. He witnessed Vashtim and White Dove vanquish the monsters and eventually rescue him and his companions. After the attack, Ovid’s step sister began to turn into a zombie from a bite she suffered. Vashtim told everyone to leave as he destroyed the monster.

Ovid’s relationship to Vashtim has now become more personal.

Vashtim has contacted Ovid to run his manse in Nathir.


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