Ragara Camasto

Fanglord (Corporal) in the Wyld Hunt, Eastern Division


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Carries a Daiklave called Serpent Strike. It’s a poison weapon.


He is out in the Threshold looking for favors and general help over other houses. He is a member of the Cult of the Illuminated. Gold Faction

He will try to court a Solar if he can. He would rather befriend them if he can at first.

He moves with the Wyld Hunt in order to travel on other’s coin.

His Fang (5 person unit) is comprised of assassins.

The information below was told to Atash while he walked her back to her VIP box in Nexus during the River Games.

Mnemon Tochpoko oversees 600 men (a Dragon)

One Wing (250 units) is under Cathak Nyma’s command

  • All these units are are Heavy Infantry (all infantry units carry swords/bows and spears)

One Talon (125 units) Tepet Moza

  • All these units are Heavy Calvary (all calvary units carry swords/bows and lances)

Eight Scales (25 units each)

  1. a unit of Artillery Units (10 catapults and 15 bolt throwers)
  2. a unit of Engineers and Artificers
  3. Transport ship Lucky Stingray
  4. Transport ship Nymph’s Bounty
  5. Warship Empress’ Arrow
  6. Warship Seahammer
  7. Warship Trident of Volturnus
  8. Warship Jade Wrath

Sesus Chenow leads a Scale of ex-gladiators which are not included in the original Dragon.

Five Fangs (5 units each)

  1. a unit of assasins led by Ragara Camasto
  2. a unit of dragon blooded sorcerers
  3. a unit of Immaculate Priests (martial artists)
  4. a unit of Flying Mounts
  5. a unit of War Striders

There are also about 250 other non-combatants who maintain the Dragon.

He has a crush on Atash.

He warned the group that the Wyld Hunt has turned back and was now on the trail of the group. They would soon arrive in Great Forks.

He boarded a ship with Zaiku and sailed off to drag the Wyld Hunt off the trail of the others.

He is suggested to the leaders of the Gold Faction to help the circle out. The Leaders decided to start rotating out many of the Wyld Hunt members with Gold Faction members. They comprise about 40% of the total force. They estimate that only a five key members of the Bronze faction remain in strategic places of power within the Hunt. If these members are taken out then the remaining force will be easier to control and surrender to the circle.

Ragara Camasto

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