Ravens wallpaper

These scaly omnivores, resembling crows with wingspans of up to three feet, will eat anything, from fruit to carrion, and will even hunt small prey with their toothed beaks.

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2

Intelligence: 1
Perception: 2
Wits: 4

Willpower: 3

Health Levels: -0|-1|-2|-4|I

Claw: Speed:6|Attack:4|Damage: 2L

Dodge: 6
Soak: 2B/0B

Athletic: 3
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 1
Dodge: 3
Presence: 1
Stealth: 3


Raiton the Little God

Lady raven

She operates out of the city of Great Forks. She has a temple in the center of the city.

She has a devoted group of humans who worship her and keep up the temple. They spend many hours feeding the raitons that live in the city. They call themselves The Crows and they dress in costumes that resemble a large raiton.



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