Red Lady

Cruel Pirate Captain


Nature: Bravo – There are winners and losers in life, and you are definitely a winner. You reinforce your self-worth by dominating situations, whether through physical brawls or political intrigues. You might terrorize or protect the weak, but such weakness is not something you tolerate in yourself. You don’t know the meaning of fear, and failure is not an option. Then again, you’re not sure what discretion means, either, and compromise isn’t something on your list of choices.

Gain Willpower whenever you make someone else back down.


She was the captain of the The Black Sabor of the North until an undercover agent of the Realm killed her.

Atash Baixe took over as captain until she exalted in front of the crew.

The Red Lady was often cruel to her crew but she pushed them hard in order to survive.

She grew up in the slums of Nexus. Her mother was a low street whore who didn’t live long. She was taken in by a man who loved her mother very much but could never rescue her from her life as a prostitute. Piersym took the young Shira Itsun with him on the sea where she survived as a cook for a few years by masquerading as a young boy. When she hit puberty everything changed. On a long voyage to the West, the crew exploded and Piersym was killed. She was violently raped by most of the crew for several weeks before they reached port. She jumped ships and learned to use a sword when she wasn’t cooking for the crew. She made a name for herself when the ship was attacked by other pirates and she defended the captain while he was wounded. She nursed him back to health and he gave her a chance to be an official part of the crew.

She took the crew to the ends of the world and showered them with riches. She also expected everything from them. She pushed them to the point of breaking.

She had a final confrontation with a crew member that lead to her death. Moments before she died she began to exalt and the shock of it caused her to lower her guard. Atash Baixe stuck and the exaltation moved into Atash.

This entity has been fully integrated by Atash and a bonus of 8 Ability points were awarded to her to disperse among her Abilities as she saw fit.

Red Lady

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