River Dragon

Eastern Beast


River dragon by udon crew

These coastal hunters live near fresh water estuaries hunting fish, seals, small whales, and the occasional ship. They can crawl onto land and sometimes move into swamps.


Strength: 14
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 12

Intellegence: 1
Perception: 2
Wits: 3

Willpower: 4

Health Levels: -0|-0|-0|-1|-1|-1|-2|-2|-2|-4|I

Bite: Speed: 5|Attack: 5|Damage: 14L
Claw: Speed: 6|Attack: 5|Damage: 10L

Dodge: 0| Soak: 12B/6L

(stats are for an average size creature)
Awareness: 3
Brawl: 3
Presence: 3
Stealth: 1
Specialty: Swimming +3

River Dragon

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