Shiga Shiro

Young attractive Solar


Age: 22
Sex: M
Hair Color: Dk Brn
Skin Tone: Lt Brn
Eye Color: Blue


He was a street orphan who was found by Botai and taken in. Grew up in the The House of Ten Flowers as a servant and then as a sex slave. He was valued by men and women alike. He actually takes great pride in his mind an body working on both relentlessly.

Sent out to find help for Nathir

He headed north from Great Forks. Shiga exalted and this brought him many of the memories of Anden. He is struggling with his identity but reveling in the havok he is able to create while defending Nathir.

It turns out that when he returned to Nathir as an Exalt he took it upon himself to chase off the Fair Folk presence in the area. He planned on turning their Demesne into a Manse but was thwarted when Lesoje returned with an army to revenge the attack on his sister Erel Dharne. Erel wants his essence trapped in a Crystal Cage for all eternity.

The group agreed to help Erel and they killed Shiga and trapped his essence in the Crystal Cage.

Shiga has been trying to separate out his previous incarnation Anden. He has spurned his wife Idel and his son Reyny.

His essence was trapped in the crystal cage for a brief time until it was released by White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity the exaltation went into Idel.

Base Initiative: 6
Dodge Pool: 2
Languages: Riverspeak, Forest-tongue, High Realm

Merits/Flaws: Ambidextrous, Driving Passion, Permanent Castemark, Wanted, Amnesia

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint : Being frustrated by the childishness of others.

Shiga 1st

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Shiga Shiro

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