Smothered Koal

Abyssal Deathknight of the Blinded Spider


Six-foot, seven inches tall, Onyx with Soulsteel etchings, heavy plate resembling cooled lava wraps around the long wiry, graceful limbs of the gliding figure. A blackened wooden mask of an agonized face with its tongue sticking out sits above the towering figure. The joints glow like coal that is lightly blown from an unseen wind. He has no visible weapon on his person.
When not in war-mode the abyssal wears the clothes of a sailor. Loose fitting, light-colored shirts and pants with high boots or just barefoot. His beautiful face is slightly brown from his first birth in the West. He has aqua blue eyes, strong silky facial features with a mop of coal black hair. He is wiry and thin with catlike grace that gives him the appearance of gliding across the ground. He has many tribal tattoos on his fair skin that are arranged all over his body some are so fine that they are mistaken for shadows and normal physical indentations.

Anima – A volcano appears as if a fog is lifting to reveal a smoking top. As Koal gets angrier the volcano can be seen to have glowing lava flows down it’s’ sides. When furious and at a great level of essence expenditure the volcano explodes with smoke and lava spewing out of it’s top.


Raised in Arjuf as a slave for the halls of Cynis, Col Oth was taught in all the ways of pleasure. He received the finest teachers in the trade and at a very early age he was removed from the kennel to serve Cynis T’Terb in his traveling show, De kermis van vreugde. Carnival of Delights was a very popular caravan that traveled the Realm and the Threshold alike. For the next twenty years Col Oth worked his way up to become the De meester van Ceremonies. As Master of Ceremonies he took the caravan deeper into the realm than it had gone before.

A Tale of Death

North of the city of Kirighast the caravan stopped and set up shop for the evening. Late into the evening a beautiful dawn caste exalted stepped into Col Oth’s tent. Little did he know that Appey, the sword of Heaven had just come from an intense battle with the local undead. He was also not aware that she was suffering from the Great Curse assigned by the dying gods of old. Appey was not in the mood for sexual delight but instead had a taste for cruelty. Appey found Col Oth naked in his tent of pillows and satin sleeping off a head full of wine. She snapped the neck of the young man slumbering next to him. The youth died soundlessly. She straddled Col Oth and stripped off her clothes. Rubbing his sex with her hands she forced him to hardness. She inserted him and moaned quietly. Col Oth was half asleep when he thought his servant was using him again. He kept his eyes closed to feign sleep, like the young man enjoyed. He only opened his eyes when the person on top of him leaned down and her breasts touched his now heaving chest. Her strong hand was on his mouth before he took a breath in and her other pinned both of his hands to his chest. He turned his head to get air when he saw his lover lifeless. Tears streaked his face as he turned back to Appey. She was grinning cruelly at him. She continued to ride him and her anima took shape, the figure of a steel woman from an age past came to life around them. All of a sudden the image turned horrifying and magnificent all at once and all he wanted to do was run and weep. Something in his mind snapped and anger came from deep within him and he suddenly knew what this creature was and that the Unconquered Sun was powering her. That is when the voice came to him.
“No.” Col Oth answered back and turned away from the sun and all at once the presence was gone. His lungs burned for breath but none came. His vision began to blur and he felt weak as she laughed. Darkness came up around him and he felt the chill of something bigger than the presence before, something older and dead.
“Please?” He spoke in his mind then ecstasy overtook his body as all went dark.

The next night he awoke to a figure in black with no hair standing over him. It had spikes in place of eyes and lips pulled back to reveal hidious teeth. It spoke.
“I am now your master. You will have everything promised to you, by my master but you must serve me. Do you accept?” A blackened wooden mask was brought out of the figures purple robes and offered to Col Oth.
“Yes.” Col Oth whimpered as he gazed upon his lovers’ body covered with flies.
“Then rise, Smothered Koal and join me.”

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Bedre is his undercover human guise when traveling abroad.

Role-playing tips

He is cool, calm and precise in his dealings with the living. He will become what his target most desires. He will take on the role of Bravo if his target is a Bravo. When meeting persons that could jeopardize the goals of his deathlord, Koal will seek to destroy their credibility with the target. He will come across as demure and human if he is confronted with another exalted.


Connivers gain back willpower when they lead someone to do what you want.

Virtue flaws

Compassion- relives the suffering of others
Temperance – act with icy calculated prudence
Conviction – is emotional endurance
Valor – courage;


Smothered Koal has to meditate every night and retreat to a nearby crypt in order to avoid gaining resonance.


Dal Irina a lesser abyssal that he can trust when he has to.


Mask of Dilth

The Mask amplifies all attempts to raise the dead. The number of dead raised are doubled, the statistics for the dead summoned are double and the costs to raise the dead are halved. The mask is a charred wooden face wincing in pain while its tongue is sticking out. A setting for Soulfire crystal is in the center of the forehead.


Koal has received extensive training in the arts of necromancy. He starts with the only three Shadowlands Circle.


the Blinded Spider takes an infrequent interest in his activities, a half dozen times a year Koal is directly summoned to the Dark Pryamid. The Mask gives Koal a number of underlings and other resources to use in the course of his duties.


The music of death sings in his soul Whispers rating may be substituted for any ability.


Raise the Skeletal Horde – 100 yards one zombie for every 2 motes of essence for a permanent zombie; for a non-permanent zombie 1 mote of essence until the end of the scene.

Arisen Legion – 1 mote of essence spent creates a permanent zombie, or 1 mote of essence will create a number of temporary zombies equal to the casters essence rating.

  • Zombies created in conjunction with the Mask of Dilth. The fervor of these zombies is quite virile. Think of the Dawn of the Dead for reference.
    Attributes : Strength 10, Dexterity 4, Stamina 6, Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 1, Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 6.
    Virtues – Never fails/succeeds Valor rolls
    Abilities – Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 4, Dodge 2, Endurance 2, Melee2, Presence 2, Resistance 2, Socialize 2, Stealth 2, Survival 2.
    Base Initiative – 10
    Attack : Fist : Speed 10 Accuracy 8 Damage 10B Defense 8*, Bite : Speed 8 Accuracy 10 Damage 10L Defense 6*
    *Zombie bites require a Stamina + Resistance roll to resist infection difficulty 3.
    Dodge Pool – 4 Soak : 3L/6B (skin)
    Willpower – 10 Health Levels 10
    Essence – 1

Piercing the Shroud – 10M
Takes 6 minutes of chanting and earth shaking to cast. Slashes reality and enters the Labyrinth and it remains for open for 6 turns.


Martial Arts p 162

  1. Essence Discerning Glance (pre activated charm) – 6M, 1 scene, Simple Allows Essence vision of what a character holds.
  2. Shrouded Claw attack – 3M, Instant, Supple Dodge/parry vs. Abyssal are at half (rounded down) – attacks make no noise.
  3. Hungry Ghost Form – 5M, one scene, Reflex Lethal damage + gains 1 mote for every health level inflicted.
  4. Power Reaping Prana – 1W, instant, Reflex Within 10 yards, Roll 8, ever success takes 2M from spent charms.
  5. Charm Smothering Technique – 1+M, Instant, Reflex Victim within 10Y must spend additional amount of Motes used to activate this.
  6. Consuming Entropy Strike – 1M per 2L, Instant, Supple Lethal damage + victim’s soak is -2L per motes spent
  7. Blood Freezing Tech – 6M+1W, Instant, Supple Lethal damage + subtract 1 Dexterity from victim. Recalculate initiative immediately. Lasts until end of scene.
  8. Unnatural Shambling Deftness – 5M+1W, Instant, Extra Action 6 extra combat actions.
  9. Lunging Phantom Method – 4M, Instant, Supple Jumps through target, gets attack from behind (Exalted, p. 238)
  10. Soul-Flaying Strike – 10M+1W+1health level, Instant, Simple Roll 9, if hits roll Essence resisted, if Abyssal wins base damage is 5 unsoakable Agg damage + roll other damage as normal. Creates hungry ghosts

Endurance p 174
Ox-Body X3

Presence p. 179

  1. Elegant Tyrants Majesty – 6M, 1 hour, Simple Add 6 to all Presence, Socialize and Bureaucracy rolls in one-on-one. Fearful
  2. Command Dead – 5/10M+1W+1/3 motes per additional target, One Day, Simple Roll 10, More success = obidiance.
  3. Irresistible Succubus Style – 8M, One Scene, Simple Add 6 to Appearance, victims make Temperence roll vs. Abyssal’s Essence 6. Failure = find Abyssal desirable, will not harm, desire to impress, may be seduced.
  4. Soul-Flaying Gaze – 8M+1W, One Turn, Simple Within 5 yards, gazing into eyes roll 10 vs. target Willpower failure = entranced and loses Willpower equal to Essence 6.
  5. Compelling Whisper Technique – 10M+1Will, up to 5 days, Simple Roll 10 vs. target Willpower. May issue one order.

Occult p.197

  1. Shadowlands Circle Necromancy, 1W
  2. Labyrinth Circle Necromancy, 1W

Stealth p.210

  1. Concealing Distraction Discipline, 4M, One Scene, Simple All attempts to notice are at + 6 difficulty.
  2. Unseen Wisp Method, 2M/turn, Number of turns depends on motes spent, Simple Vanishes in ripple of shadow, Hand attacks are + 6 difficulty, Ranged are impossible.
  3. Authority-Eroding Technique – 1M/die, Instant, Reflex Reduces dice the target uses on single Bureaucracy roll
  4. Corruption-Sensing Scrutiny – 2M, Instant, Simple Roll 7 difficulty is victims’ Essence. Sees how vulnerable to corruption target is
  5. Cunning Subversion Style – 10M + 1W, one week, Simple Departments of less than 120 persons can be brought to a halt.

Socialize p.220

  1. Exquisite Etiquette Style – 3M, 1 Scene, Reflex He becomes flawless and polite, due propriety and decorum.
  2. Imprecation of Ill Manners – 1M/dice, 1 Turn, Reflex Target loses one die from all Socialize dice pools for every mote spent; see page221 to see if noticeable.


The Mask of Dilith
This horrifying wooden mask looks like it was pulled from a fire. It has the contorted face of a long forgotten Malfean called Overu Bani. The visage is contorted into a silent scream with the tongue sticking out. He presided over the walking dead in the time before the Solars slew him. Dilith is the name of the first Deathlord to create such an item. Dilith was from the west. He carved the mask from a tree at the top of a dormant volcano. The twisted tree stood since the fall of the primordials themselves. Dilith could not cut the tree down in its living state so he built a fire of dead bodies. The dead wood was dried in a bed of salt for seven years after being stuffed with various dried herbs and sulphur. The fire burned for weeks while Dilith meditated and prayed near the pyre. Finally the tree began to burn but did not turn to ash. As it blackened its bark did not fall off instead it buckled and warped. Turning denser and denser as it shrank under the unholy fire. Dilith waited for the stump to cool before he tore the dead tree out of the ground. As he did so the ancient tree gave forth a moan that was heard for miles around. Dilith carried the stump into the underworld where his servants waited. They began to anoint it with foul oils and preserving agents as they carried it to Dilith’s stronghold. It took the Deathlord many months to create a Soulsteel saw that would cut through the dead tree. Finally he spent the next year carving the wooden mask with his bare hands. Blood from his caste mark dripped off his forehead onto the wood which soaked it up greedily. The mask soon began to take shape as guided by the whispers of Overu Bani himself. Dilith buried the mask deep within the labyrinth and left it there for just over another year. In the meantime he sacrificed a youth every morning. At the end of the day he would slay all of the previous walking dead and reanimate them all back to life. When the dead god was satisfied Dilith walked into the place where he had buried the mask to find a hooded figure wearing the mask waiting for him. Dilith sank to his knees as he realized that he was talking to a projection of the dreaming Overu Bani. The figure took off the mask and gave it to Dilith and when he looked up to thank the figure he was stopped cold by the face that met his gaze. It was his own face looking back at him.

The mask of Dilith disappeared when Dilith was destroyed by an upstart Deathlord called the Mask of Winters. Now Smothered Koal wears the mask with great respect and dignity. It is his birthright and his burden for now Dilith whispers to him in his sleep. Overu Bani plots to destroy the Mask of Winters and transform Koal into his own herald of destruction.

The Mask of Dilith doubles all effects to raise the dead at half the cost.

It can be powered by a soulgem which would sit in the forehead.

Another Charm granted by this artifact is the Petrified Dead Skin. For every mote spent the character gains a lethal soak bonus up to the characters Essence + Stamina rating. Double the Lethal levels for calculating the bashing soak. Half of the lethal levels purchased may be used for Aggravated damage. This does not offer protection against normal fire but may be used against sunlight attack and against the effects of Zenith caste anima.


Silent Halting Hand of Decay

(Koal only uses this as a last ditch effort against a superior foe.)
Total cost to activate is 29 motes extra 6 would give a -4 to lethal soak. 2 Willpower
Learning cost – 12 experience points
Charms in Combo
Unnatural Shambling Deftness – 5M+1W, Instant, Extra Action
6 extra combat actions.
Shrouded Claw attack – 3M, Instant, Supple
Dodge/parry vs. Abyssal are at half (rounded down)
Consuming Entropy Strike – 1M per 2L, Instant, Supple
Lethal damage + victim’s soak is -2L per motes spent
Smothered Koal’s body goes rigid for a moment as the anima of an exploding volcano appears all around him. His hands begin to flicker with a ghastly white light as dark energy crackles silently around them. He lurches and jerks up to and about his victim. To the naked eye he looks as if he stands still for a moment them becomes a blur the next. His bare hands slice though the air without making a sound while the flickering light confuses the victim. As the multiple black lightning fast strikes meet the victim over various parts of the body the only visual trace of damage is the decayed skin and rusted handprints.

Smothered Koal

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