Fey Beasts (Artifact ••)


Six inches long and quiet.

These creatures swarm upon living beings and rip the flesh right off.

Yeddim are devoured in d20 rounds. A human in d10 minus 3.

Speed -3
Accuracy +5
Damage +10L
Defense +1
Rate 4

90 health levels

It can also parry lethal attacks while unarmed.

Some sort of swarm ability. Think Locusts of flesh and reality.

Knife-Hand Dream (1MP)

Armament of Flesh (2MP)


See the main article: Behemoths

Strange and terrible creatures from the Wyld, behemoths are forged from Sword Graces, and are the pets and monsters of the Fair Folk. While they cannot take part in shaping combat themselves (except as a weapon), they are deadly foes against the Creation-Born, with their traits based on those of their handler’s. Behemoths can be attuned to by any being with at least one Grace. Behemoths should not be confused with the Primordial-born Behemoths, who are very different creatures.

  • Fey Beast. Fine weapon. 6 mp.
  • Fey Beast. Fine weapon. 9 mp.
  • Daikaiju. Heavy armor, exceptional weaponry. 12 mp.
  • Deep Wyld Horror. Superheavy armor, artifact weaponry. 15 mp.
  • Deep Wyld Horror. Superheavy armor, artifact weaponry. 18 mp.


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