Tendai Haraki

Small Town Healer


Tendai is a tall, athletic man in his late twenties. He was born and raised outside of the city of Thorns in Baythorp. He learned medicine from the town healer and his mentor, Aldraath the Learned. His father fell in battle but was returned to the town where he succumbed to his wounds. Aldraath worked tirelessly to try and help him, but to no avail. This is when Tendai decided to devote himself to curing the sick and healing the wounded.

His father, a trained martial artist, taught him combat when Tendai was young. After his father’s death, Tendai took ownership of his father’s Haraki Coat, an orichalcum coat, and weapon of choice, an exceptional staff. As Aldraath got older, he gradually shifted the day to day duties of taking care of the town’s citizens to Tendai.

This was the state of affairs when the Deathlord, The Mask of Winters and his armies took over Thorns. Many men from the town were killed or wounded in the battles, and Tendai and Adraath were ankle deep in blood. After the fall of Thorns, life in the small town returned to some semblance of normality. The outskirts of the city had not been as corrupted, but were not as safe as they once were. Ghosts and the servants of the dead sometimes interfered with the people, making their lives difficult. Many had demanded that the town elders do something about the increasing number of incidents. Aldraath volunteered to venture out to find someone powerful enough to help the village. Tendai told him he was getting too old to endure such a journey and that he would go in his place.

The first leg of his travels laid north to Lookshy. Tendai had heard of powerful sorcerers there and men knowledgeable in the artifacts from past ages. The road between Thorns and Celeren to Lookshy was well worn from centuries of trade, but the travellers tended to go from Thorns in recent years rather than towards. Tendai had traveled there once in his youth with his family but had not yet returned. After arriving in the city proper, Tendai asked around for anyone who might be able to push back the dark forces of the Deathlord’s army, at least to contain them in Thorns. The locals viewed him with suspicion and were not of much help. After some time there, he eventually found a receptive member of the The Academy of Sorcery named Halad. He was relatively informative, but was not willing to travel to help Tendai’s town. He recommended that Tendai travel to Nexus. There he could definitely find someone with the expertise, and might travel if the price was right.

Tendai then left Lookshy and venture east towards Nexus. This was the farthest that Tendai had ever been from his home and he stuck near the banks of the Yanaze River so as not to get lost. He stopped into villages and townships on his way and treated any who needed help in exchange for a bed or bite to eat. As he neared the confluence of the Grey River and The Yanaze he came upon a village bereft of people. Upon closer inspection, the town Baythorp was indeed populated, but no one would leave their homes or businesses. Tendai finally managed to talk to a few inhabitants to find out what had happened. Apparently, a band of thugs were trying to take over the town. They were demanding tribute and had kidnapped and killed several of the townsfolk when they were unable to meet the demands of the gang. Tendai was led into the town meeting hall, which had been filled with beds to house the injured. While tending to the wounded, the temple bell started ringing frantically, alerting the villagers to the approaching raiders…


Twilight Caste


Mentor – 3 (Previous Healer) Possessing a Background in Mentor represents the presence of a more powerful character who has taken at least a passing interest in the character’s welfare and/or power. More ranks represent not only a more powerful mentor figure, but also the degree to which the mentor takes interest. Sadly, those with high potent mentors have the potential to be attacked as an easier means of harming the mentor.

Artifact – 2 (Reinforced Buff Jacket Orichalcum)
Resources – 2 (Selling unguents)



Virtue Flaw

Unshakable Crusade (Compassion)
The Solar immediately attempts to repair a perceived injustice, whatever the cost.
Partial Control: The Solar may take more strategic actions to correct the injustice.
Duration: One day.
Condition: Witnessing an injustice.

Nature- Caregiver: You always try to make a difference, helping those around you – and they depend on you for it. You’re not blind to the flaws of others; if anything, that makes your desire to aid them stronger. You gain strength from knowing that you make a difference, that you ease the suffering in the world. Yet, you have nowhere to turn for support.
Gain Willpower when you receive tangible proof that you have helped another.

The Compassion Trait is one of the four Virtues. It represents a character’s capacity for love and empathy, as well as inspiration and emotion. Compassion allows a character to form relationships, both with other people and with possessions. Compassion also provides a character with a strong sense of justice and fairness.

However, Compassion can also make a character weak, by exposing a tender heart to the cold cruelty of reality. Having high Compassion can prevent a character from making the hard decision to take another’s life. Compassion also makes it impossible to ignore the suffering of others, no matter how imprudent alleviating that suffering might be.

A character with a Compassion of 1 cannot feel love and has trouble forming relationships, a character with a Compassion of 3 is kind and easily able to empathize with the feelings of others, and a character with a Compassion of 5 always has the capacity to love and forgive, even her worst enemies.

Willpower can be spent to channel Compassion into any roll to uphold justice or alleviate suffering, as well as any action taken in the name of romantic love.

Characters with High Compassion may have to fail a Compassion check in order to take a life, ignoring suffering, or allow injustice to take place.

Tendai Haraki

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