Vashtim Skerene



Growing up a child slave in the Imperial City is no easy life for anyone. Growing up in the fighting pits makes that life all the tougher. Having to endure the testing and training turns many men into little better than animals. Vashtim from a young age viewed his lot in life as short and bleak.
That is until one day during an exhibition bout in the arena pitting several condemned criminals and Vashtim, against a pride of lions. The fight was short and brutal. The criminals armed not at all, the lions starved for several days, and all untested.
Vashtim was the last standing protecting the others from the few remaining lions. When from within the corridors of the stadium a roaring grew and echoed into the arena. Charging out into the killing floor came a tiger in broken chains, roaring bloody murder, the tiger set upon the few remaining lions and saved Vashtim. The tiger took to him like a cub to it’s mother.
Being saved from death that day forced Vashtim to reconsider things. It was several months later during a paired fight in Nexus at the River Games that the world shifted beneath him. Standing victorious in the ring basking in the cheers of the crowd, their roar of approval suddenly turned to shrieks of horror as the corpses of his fallen foes rose. Watching the stadium begin to flee in panic Vashtim felt a revulsion welling up in him at the sight of these abominations. Charging the shambling corpses as they slew the crowd he began striking them down. Scintillating colors began swirling about him proclaiming to all that could see what he was. That was a year ago, he has not left Nexus since…


Zenith Caste


Influence- 2 (Sword for Hire)
Artifact – 3 [Reaver Daiklave 2, Breastplate – 1]

Resources – 1 (sales of recovered artifacts, mercenary income)

Contacts – 2 (Magnus, Ludus owner of The Jade Order and Ovid, Nexus Senator) This Background represents a number of NPCs your character knows that can provide information in an area of society.

Familiar – 4 Bubastis

Reputation – 1 (Gladiator Fighting) This Background represents the character’s reknown for their notable exploits. It may grant a bonus to social situations or garner a penalty, depending on the reputation and the situation.


Ambidextrous: -1
The character is able to use both hands for Dexterity-related actions without penalty. (normally -1 die penalty)
Known Anathema +1
The Wyld Hunt is aware of the character with this Flaw or could easily find out about them. They will hunt them during the story if they find out about the character. Level 1 = Regional notoriety. If the Wyld Hunt does not actually know of the character, but it could certainly discover him if it passed through the nation and listened to tavern gossip.

Virtue Flaw

Compassionate Martyrdom (Compassion)
The Solar immediately devotes himself to helping end the suffering of those around them in as dramatic a fashion as possible.

Partial Control: The Solar may choose a more effective method of ending the suffering of others, rather than simply the most dramatic.

Duration: One scene in combat or one day.

Condition: Witnessing the suffering of innocents.

Nature- Paragon: You have lofty and concrete ideals about what is right and noble in human nature and you strive to embody those ideals. You consider your powers a great gift and a tremendous responsibility and you feel dutybound to use them in the pursuit of righteousness and altruism. Though you aspire to be a role model you are no a Gallant – public display is not as important as the knowledge of good deeds accomplished. Some might see you as self-righteous, but you are your own worst critic. You are completely intolerant of human foibles (especially your own), and this lack of acceptance might well drive you over the edge one day.
Gain Willpower whenever you accomplish a significant task for the greater good.

The Compassion Trait is one of the four Virtues. It represents a character’s capacity for love and empathy, as well as inspiration and emotion. Compassion allows a character to form relationships, both with other people and with possessions. Compassion also provides a character with a strong sense of justice and fairness.

However, Compassion can also make a character weak, by exposing a tender heart to the cold cruelty of reality. Having high Compassion can prevent a character from making the hard decision to take another’s life. Compassion also makes it impossible to ignore the suffering of others, no matter how imprudent alleviating that suffering might be.

A character with a Compassion of 1 cannot feel love and has trouble forming relationships, a character with a Compassion of 3 is kind and easily able to empathize with the feelings of others, and a character with a Compassion of 5 always has the capacity to love and forgive, even her worst enemies.

Willpower can be spent to channel Compassion into any roll to uphold justice or alleviate suffering, as well as any action taken in the name of romantic love.

Characters with High Compassion may have to fail a Compassion check in order to take a life, ignoring suffering, or allow injustice to take place.

Vashtim Skerene

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