White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity

Painted Lady


White dove small

Additional Charms not on Sheet
Reed in the Wind
Falling Icicle Strike


Royal Warstrider – RetaliationGem of GraceJewel of the Graceful CourtierCelestial ChakramMoonsilver Reinforced Buff Jacket


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Her first age manse is The Celestial Key to Heaven located in Nathir.

First Age Incarnation

Yakamo 3

Brilliant Becio, Mighty Diamond Ghost of the Empty East

Other Belongings

She also owns The Estate of Eamalas in the city of Lookshy.


And They Shall Fall Before the Glorious Whirlwind
Cost: 1W, 16M +1m per die, +4 motes per dodge action.
Charms in the Combo:
Reaping the Bloody Wheat
Precision of the Striking Raptor
Joint Wounding Attack
Graceful Detection Technique

Slicing Starlight from the Shadows Beyond Ken
Cost: 1W, 3m and 1 mote per ricochet and 1 mote per die, 1 mote per dodge
Charms in the Combo:
Precision of the Stricking Raptor
Ricochet Weapon Technique
Joint Wounding Attack
Graceful Defection Technique

  • Raven was sold to the brothel the Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom at the age of nine by her father after the death of her mother.
  • Worked as a scullery girl for five years before being ‘promoted’ to the true business of the establishment.
  • She quickly became the most popular and desired whore of the Teahouse, only rivaled by Polished Jade, a proud and jealous girl. She also had the favor of the Madam of the establishment, Madam Zeta.
  • Polished Jade nursed her jealousy and one night she sneaked a brute of a man, Ronin who had previously been banned from the Teahouse for violent behavior into Raven’s room.
  • Raven awoke and had to fight for her life. In the struggle, a lamp was smashed and the oil quickly spread flames throughout the teahouse.
  • In the fight for her life, she exalted. The roaring flames of the burning brothel became even more brilliant in the night as her anima flared. The brilliance of the flames and the blinding anima disguised her as she fled the collapsing building.
  • Polished Jade and her brutal pawn, Ronin perished in the fires.
  • Raven hid out in the barren lands until her anima dissipated and then returned secretly to the only person who ever truly cared about her, Madam Zeta.
  • Zeta had more than enough resources to rebuild the teahouse, but she knew that Raven would need to be hidden in case anyone recognized her as an anathema.
  • She helped smuggle Raven out of the city and sponsored her at a Geisha training academy.
  • In this environment Raven flourished and graduated as the promising young entertainer White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity.
  • With a little more help from Zeta she was able to establish her own thriving practice.
  • She had a natural gift for conversation and getting men to reveal more than they should. She disguises her disgust of men from her clients and uses her natural skills at manipulation to make them do whatever she desires.
  • When a noteworthy businessman she was entertaining told her a valuable market secret, she took the information to Zeta, who had since rebuilt the Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom. Zeta had many connections through the clientele of the Teahouse and found the inside information extremely valuable.
  • By selling men’s secrets, White Dove was able to repay her beloved benefactor and establish a name for herself as one of the most popular and in-demand entertainers in the Threshhold.
  • She maintains her relationship with Zeta both on a personal and a lucrative business-level. When she visits Zeta’s house, or whenever she wishes to go out without being recognized, she does so in disguise calling herself Black Swan with Head Under Wing Appears to Sleep.
  • Anima banner – A murder of calling grey ravens


Eclipse Caste



Virtue Flaw

Ascetic Drive (Temperance)
The Solar seeks to purify them self and leaves the world behind them to meditate in solitude and poverty.
Partial Control: The Solar must be penitent, but need not destroy their possessions or retreat from the world.
Duration: One day.

Condition: Being confronted by one’s own weaknesses.

Nature- Conniver: Why break your own back when you can talk someone else into breaking his for you? You always try to manipulate others before applying yourself. You advance your cause by coordinating your friend’s efforts and sowing dissent amongst your enemies. You fear that others may be doing exactly the same thing to you, making it difficult for you to trust anyone.

Gain Willpower when you lead someone to do what you want

The Temperance Trait is one of the four Virtues. It represents a character’s self-control, tolerance, and patience. Temperance is used to resist over-indulgence, addiction, and impulsive behavior. Temperance is also used to resist against the affects of supernatural mind control and illusions.

However, Temperance also makes a character cold and aloof. Temperance prevents a character from showing strong emotion, and understanding strong emotion in others. Highly temperant characters are almost callous, even when they secretly do not want to be.

A character with a Temperance of 1 is impulsive and tempermental, a character with a Temperance of 3 is level-headed and cool under pressure, and a character with a Temperance of 5 is a master of self denial and can remain perfectly focused in any situation.

Willpower can be spent to channel Temperance into any attempt to resist temptation and unnatural influence, as well as any action requiring focus and concentration in face of distraction or temptation.

Characters with High Temperance may have to fail a Temperance check in order to lie convincingly, break a promise, or to act on impulse and instinct.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity

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