Airship 2 and 3

Medium Size Airship


Deck plan 2 1

Artifact – 5

Speed: 3

Air Boat basket has 10L/13B (Mundane weapons do little to no damage) Only artifacts, charms or magic actually does damage.

It is also immune to any magical attack that does not damage objects of Essence or the Five Magical Materials.

Damage is actually rolled and not automatically applied to the vessel.

Each 3 foot area has 10 health levels.

Air Balloon has 13L and is unarmored but the rules above still apply as does a soak of 5L/7B.

Needs 3 in Sail to operate unless 5 motes are spent on attunement then only 1 dot in sail is required.


Lore and Intelligence check with a 3 difficulty. Referencing the Manual of the Manse will give complete instructions.

Lightning Ballista (Hearthstone of Solar, Fire or Air)
Cost per shot: 3m unless a Hearthstone is placed in the housing
Accuracy: + 2; Damage: 25L; Rate -; Range 1000y
Archery skill is used to make the attack but charms cannot be used.
This device is mounted at the bow and can be fired at ground units.

4 Light Implosion Bows
Accuracy: + 3; Damage: 15B/12L; Rate 1; Range 500y
Cost: 2m per shot; 1m only does 7B/5L
Requires Archery skill to use.


Airship 2 and 3

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