Circlet of the Diplomatic Envoy


Created both as a mark of status and to facilitate negociations without violence, these circlets are made of a single band of any of the five magical materials sewn or riveted to a strip of soft leather taken from the hide of a magical beast. A single setting for a single Hearthstone rests on the wearer’s brow, usually above where her caste mark ought to be. When attuned with 5 motes of committed essence, the circlet will resize itself to fit comfortably around its owner’s head. Whatever magical material was used in its makeup, the circlet gives a one-die bonus to all social interactions outside combat or war. The magical material used in its construction, however, also adds an additional benefit when it resonates with the essence of an appropriate Chosen.

•The Jade circlets of the Dragon-Blooded lend the force of the elemental dragons to the wearer’s speech. The voice booms with the nearly audible roil of the elements, adding a second bonus dice on all social actions. With their highly militaristic penchant, terrestrial exalts may also apply this bonus to the Rally miscellaneous action of Mass Combat as their powerful voice shakes even bone-weary soldiers back on their feet. This is the only instance in which this artifact may be used during combat and war. First Age Jade circlets show twining dragons along their length while more recent ones are usually engraved with a sutra of the Immaculate Faith of the elemental dragon appropriate for the color of jade used. The circlet is sometimes built as part of a military helmet.


Circlet of the Diplomatic Envoy

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