Empress’ Arrow

Wyld Hunt War Galley


Imperial Trireme

Length: 130 feet
Beam: 18 feet
Draft: 3 feet
Rig Type/Closest Track: Imperial/3point (under sail – can take any heading when rowed)
Speed: 5 rowed; 3 (under sail, fully crewed); 4 (under sail, no oarsmen)
Maneuverability: -0 (rowed); -3 (under sail)
Standard/Minimum Crew: 200/35 (rowed); (minimum crew for sailing is 5)
Soak: 6L
Health Levels 8/16


This ship was located in the Nighhammer docks of Nexus watching for the group. They failed to see the Red Cutlass as it flew through the docks and headed out into the Grey River.

Empress’ Arrow

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