Flame Spear

Artifact 4

weapon (melee)

Base Stats
Speed: + 5
Accuracy: + 3
Damage: 6L or 8L
Defense: + 1
Minimum: Strength 2
Attunement: 6

One of the virtually lost arts of the Old Realm is the forging of raw elements into solid form, to create weapons such as flame spears. the hafts of these spears can be made from orichalcum, moonsilver, jade, starmetal, or soulsteel. and they gain the same benefits as every other weapon made from those materials (see Exalted, p. 341). The spear blades are made of solid, unquenchable fire. In addition to inflicting terrible wounds on anyone it hits, the flame spear has other uses. In its normal state, the blade burns bright and hot as a small lantern and will ignite any flammable object as readily as a torch. By spending 1 mote of Essence, the user can bank the flames, reducing the heat to the temperature of a hot bath and the light to the glow of dim coals. Grasping the spear and willing it to instantly returns the blade to its normally fiery condition.

If the user spends 3 motes of Essence, the spear’s eternally burning blade will glow more brightly. In this state, the wielder can concentrate the spear’s flame to burn a yard-wide hole in iron-bound oak doors or thick wooden walls in no more than 10 turns. This increased heat lasts for a full scene and can also be allowed to flare wildly, so that it can instantly ignite a bonfire or set a large wooden or thatched roof aflame within 2 turns. In its agitated state, the weapon also does 2 additional points of damage.

Anyone attuned to a flame spear gains resistance to flame and receives a + 2 bonus to all soak rolls against heat or fire. using a flame spear requires the owner to commit 6 motes of Essence.


Flame Spear

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