Flying Silver Dream

Moonsilver Daiklave

weapon (melee)

Speed: + 3
Accuracy: +4
Damage: + 10L
Defense: + 3
Soak: 10L/8B (if attacked)

This is an ornate, straight-bladed moonsilver daiklave.

Upon command it will leap from its bearer’s hand and attempt to engage an opponent, named by its attuned wielder, in single combat. When fighting on its own, the sword is considered to have Attributes and Abilities equal to the character who launched it and a movement speed figured as normal from its Dexterity. It acts on its wielder’s initiative.

The sword will fight until its target is slain, its bearer mentally commands it to return (a reflexive action) or its wielder is incapacitated. While the sword is fighting on its own, its wielder may engage in battle using another weapon, use Charms or participate in any other activity he chooses. If the sword kills its target and the wielder is otherwise occupied, it will orbit him until he commands it to attack a new target or until he has a free hand to take possession of it.

Anyone who wishes to attack the Flying Silver Dream while it fights on its own may do so as if it were a character – it dodges with 12 dice, and all attackers automatically subtract 2 successes from their attack rolls to reflect the difficulty of hitting the whirling weapon. Flying Silver Dream automatically dodges all attacks without penalty to its normal actions and without a reduction in its dice pool for subsequent attacks. Any attacker must do at least 3 damage successes to it to have any effect. If the sword does take 3 levels of damage, it falls to the ground, undamaged but unable to fight again until its wielder picks it up and commands it to do so (picking it up is a dice action).

In addition, this item has a setting for a single Hearthstone.

It costs 5 motes to attune to Flying Silver Dream. Flying Silver Dream is designed so that Solars or Lunars can receive the moonsilver Material bonus when attuned to it.


Flying Silver Dream

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