Green Viper

Marine Assault Bireme


Role: Marine boarding/Landing Craft
Length: 65 feet
Beam: 17 feet
Draft: 3 feet
Rig Type/Closest Tack: Imperial/3 points
Speed: 4 (rowed); 3 (sailed)
Maneuverability: -1 (rowed); -3(sailed)
Standard/Minimum Crew: 66/15 (rowed); (minimum crew for sailing is 4)
Soak: 6L
Health Levels: 8/16


The crew has been together for 3 years now and has seen 2 captains. The previous captain, Master of the Blazing Waves got caught on land, drunk and bar brawling when his first mate, Harhelm caught him off guard and killed him. When Harhelm returned to the ship, he told the crew that the captain was killed in a brawl and named him captain.

From then on he changed his name to Black Cayman and he has been taking his fair share of plunder but more importantly he has been very generous with his crew.

The ship has been slightly modified and the crew’s expertese is added into the stats above.

Green Viper

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