The Armor of the Fist

Orichalcum Articulated Plate


Orichalcum is the strongest and the most durable of the magical armors. When worn by a Solar Exalted, add 2 to both the armor’s lethal and bashing soak.

Soak: 14L/16B
Mobility Penalty: -2
Fatigue: 1
Commitment: 6
Artifact: 4

Mobility Penalty: is subtracted from all rolls requiring agility or balance while wearing the armor with Essence Committed.

Fatigue Value: Stamina + Endurance with a difficulty equal to the Fatigue Value. Failure means a -1 to all actions due to soreness and fatigue. This will only be necessary if extended physical strain is maintained by the character wearing the armor. Such as holding up a closing castle gate while the group escapes.


Found stored in the personal armory of Nasra Mourti Glorious Hammer of the Unconquered Sun in his manse The Eternal Fortress.

The Armor of the Fist

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