The Eternal Fortress

Level 5 Manse


Level 5 manse in the heart of the city. It is a large open-aired temple with no ceiling. It can hold several thousand people for religious services. It also has a formal throne room for meeting with large groups of people.

Gemstone of the White Jade TreeGemstone of Resolute Will

Previously owned by Nasra Mourti Glorious Hammer of the Unconquered Sun who was the former incarnation of Vashtim Skerene

Known defenses:

Essence Cannons vs air attackers.
Sun Reflectors vs air attackers.

Canal Control vs water attackers.
Sealing Wall entrances vs land attackers.

Warstriders: 3 Royal – 8 Noble – 10 other
Airships: 4

Upper Level

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Main Level

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Sub Level 1

300px eternal map26 map

Sub Level 2

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During the First Age, Ninla, Master of Ore and Diamond built this manse. Inside is a codex on all of the capabilities of the manse. The book is written on sheets of paper thin Orichalcum. Finely detailed and illustrated the book can be read easily.

This manse has a gateway which is linked to a system of other gateways to allow for fast and easy travel. Each gateway has to be imbued with essence from a user wishing to use the device. When two or more gateways are linked through essence then the gateway can be activated. Every year or so the gateways must be imbued with more essence or the link will fade.

Gateway 5

The Eternal Fortress

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