The Rampart of Obsidian

Level 5 Manse


Former Manse of Chiruha, the Shadow of Heaven.

Located in Great Forks.

This manse is a traning facility for assasins.

It also has a portal that exits to many locations all across creation. The portal slowly cycles through the various destinations. This cycle can be controlled by investing essence into the portal and visualizing the destination. The destinations are all located in the wilderness and not in or near any civilized locations. These are one way trips and on the other side is no portal or any sign of one.

Hearthstone of the Hidden Suns
Level 4
This clear stone has a center of moving shadow that gets darker in the center. This hearthstone grants the wielder a +2 to all Caste Abilities. However a Night Caste gains only a +1 die to all Caste Abilities in addition when using the Anima Ability to hide their Anima flare they get to reduce the essence cost by 2 motes (to a minimum of 1) and when hiding themselves they add an additional 2 to the difficulty for others to track them.

Glance of the Unconquered Sun
Level 1
This inconspicuous clear gem only shows its true worth when the bearer looks through it into a darkened place. For a few moments, she can see everything as if it was illuminated by the sun’s light at midday, allowing her to clearly assess what lies ahead of her.
Source: Savant and Sorcerer, p. 67


During the First Age, Ninla, Master of Ore and Diamond built this manse. Inside is a codex on all of the capabilities of the manse. The book is written on sheets of paper thin Orichalcum. Finely detailed and illustrated the book can be read easily.

This manse has a gateway which is linked to a system of other gateways to allow for fast and easy travel. Each gateway has to be imbued with essence from a user wishing to use the device. When two or more gateways are linked through essence then the gateway can be activated. Every year or so the gateways must be imbued with more essence or the link will fade.

Gateway 2

The Rampart of Obsidian

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