A Contest of Nisse and Release

The Preludes
History in Motion

Atash Baixe fought the Red Lady to the death. Took over the The Black Sabor of the North. Fueled rumors that the ship had been sank.

Tendai Haraki found the small town of Lewold where a gang of barbarians were killing all the townsfolk. He defeated the leader and the town was saved.

Vashtim Skerene fought in an arena game and was saved by a tiger called Bubastis who later became his familiar. Six months later, Vashtim fought in the River Games and saved Magnus and Senator Ovid from an undead horde.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity fought off her attacker, Ronin and her rival Polished Jade. She burned down Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom and later rebuilt it. Madam Zeta sponsored her admission into The Garden where she graduated with honors.

Welcome to Exalted
Character Generation

Welcome to Exalted

Make five complete characters, one from each caste. Full backgrounds, history, charms and make them easy to get to the East. If you are not familiar with the setting then you need to read the setting in the main book. There are Caste books out for each, you may read and incorporate them into your characters. The easiest way is to make a character from each elemental direction.

I am looking for a perfect circle.

You will get 5 bonus points for each extra character you do not play in the game. This is all or nothing; if you do not make up a complete character then you get no points. These will be back up characters for the future. Also, if you do not make up five complete characters then you will go last in choosing a caste as those who made up all five get first pick.

Keep track of your XP so they can be transferred to the new character if you have to use them.

All your characters must adhere to the character creation rules as per the first edition rules. All characters must fall in the age range of 18 to 35 and all characters must be fit and able. Exaltation will only come to those who have the best chance to survive. Any Second Edition charms, rules and fluff will be off limits.

Merits and Flaws: Take only 5 points worth of Merits and 5 points of Flaws total. They must equal each other out. They are totally optional. You may not gimp your character mentally, physically or emotionally. You should probably run them by me just to be safe.

Also give thought to who your Golden Age Exalt and what they were like. It will be important.

Good Luck!


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