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  • Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master

    Zaiku is a wanderings swordsman and bodyguard who has little desire to speak of his past. He is wary (in the extreme) of [[Solar Exalted | Solar Exalted]], and seems to distrust his own power. He has a deep hatred for the [[Dragon-Blooded | Dragon- …

  • Fu Zeng Sung

    Dragon-Blooded uncle of [[:zaiku | Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master]]. Fu Zeng was sent to test Zaiku and force him to exalt as a Dragon-Blooded, or die. Zaiku exalted as a solar and was overwhelmed with images of his past incarnations. In panic, pain …

  • Cathak Giren

    His son exalted before his eyes. He claimed [[:zaiku | Zaiku]] was killed.

  • Tepet Yumi

    Raised to be a dutiful daughter, to be married off as political capital. Suprised a great many people when she joined the Wyld Hunt. Held genuine affection for Zaiku, and prayed for his Exaltation. Now sees him as a betrayer, and will show him no mercy. …