Eclipse Caste


The Eclipse Caste Solar Exalted are most commonly Exalted from bureaucrats, diplomats, and couriers— those who excel at social interaction. Where the other Solars represent mastery over Combat, Performance, Sorcery, and Stealth, the Eclipse Caste Solars are masters of negotiation and deal-making. Where a Dawn Caste might use his sword to defeat an army on the battlefield, an Eclipse will use his mastery of words to defeat a nation in its courts. Within their circles, Eclipses often take the role of the circle’s voice.

Caste Abilities

Members of the Eclipse Caste have the following Caste Abilities:

  • Bureaucracy
  • Linguistics
  • Ride
  • Sail
  • Socialize


Eclipse Caste Solars can also use their Anima to sanctify oaths in the eyes of heaven and bind others, Magical and Mortal alike, to these oaths. They also have the unique ability to learn Charms of the other Exalted and magical creatures. In addition, Eclipse caste Solars are protected by ancient pacts of non-aggression which grant these Solars diplomatic immunity in the courts of most magical creatures including the Fair Folk, the Yozis, and even the Dead.

Their Caste Mark is a golden disc within a ring. Their Anima are brilliant whites and golds that shimmer like the Sun’s corona during an Eclipse.


  • Crowned Suns
  • Harmonious Voices
  • Solar Winds
  • Quicksilver Falcons
  • The Quills of Heaven
  • The Deceivers (derogatory)


Adventurous sailor, ambitious courtier, ambitious young noble, army quartermaster, careful spy, elderly society matron, professional diplomat, professional messenger, trade intermediary, village shaman


  • Calibration
  • Silver
  • The Center Direction
  • Air
  • The Gibbous Moon
  • The Maiden of Journeys

Eclipse Caste

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