Great House

A Great House is a family of Dynasts that forms the ruling class of the Scarlet Empire. In total they are called the Scarlet Dynasty. They are usually founded by a Dragon-Blooded with direct descent from the Empress. The first name of these founders then makes up the family name.

List of Great Houses

Currently there are eleven extended families.

1. House Cathak: fire-aspected; militant expansionists; very disciplined.
2. House Cynis: wood-aspected; idle hedonists and politicians.
3. House Iselsi: water-aspected; almost exterminated; sneaky survivors and spymasters.
4. House Ledaal: air-aspected; far-thinking strategists.
5. House Mnemon: earth-aspected; devout believers; strongest family.
6. House Nellens: no aspect; scorned for their common-tainted blood.
7. House Peleps: water-aspected; conniving merchants, politicians and sailors.
8. House Ragara: earth-aspected; financiers with everyone in their debt.
9. House Sesus: fire-aspected; militant and specialized.
10. House Tepet: air-aspected; recently suffered a devastating military loss.
11. House V’neef: wood-aspected; adaptable; the youngest House.

Former Great Houses

These are Houses that were once great, but no longer exist.

1. House Manosque: Put to the sword in RY 244 for a failed coup against the Scarlet Empress involving the Eye of Autochthon.

Great House

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