House Cynis

House cynis
Despite their (well-deserved) reputation for decadence and debauchery, House Cynis is also quite pragmatic. These vice-peddlers turn a hefty profit by playing to people’s weaknesses, and gain plenty of contacts and blackmail fodder to boot.

Master of the House

House Cynis is ruled over by a triumvirate consisting of Cynis Wisel, Cynis Belar, and Cynis Falen, the three daughters of Cynis herself.

Major Lines

Though all three of the ruling sisters have their own extensive bloodlines, none are particularly different from the others. All three also tend to Exalt as Wood Aspects.


House Cynis holds an Imperial monopoly on the slave trade, purchasing captive humans from the Guild, and then hiring them out to interested parties throughout the Realm. And so long as they have warm bodies in their possession, the Cynis have found that prostitution is always profitable.

Goals and Alliances

Because of their poor reputation, House Cynis has no real allies, though they have many customers. House Sesus almost counts, due to intermarriages, but is only a friend when necessary. For this reason, the Cynis will not make a move for the throne, but instead try to use their information brokers to get on the good side of the next Empress.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Cynis Denovah Avaku, a stalwart Fire Aspect who is uncomfortable with Cynis debauchery
  • Cynis Belar Rokujai, a brilliant young man who is revamping the House’s spy network
  • Cynis Mond, called “the Windtamer,” Mond is a genius inventor of Artifacts and Charms

House Cynis

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