House Iselsi

House iselsi

In Realm Year 303, several members of House Iselsi made the foolish mistake of trying to assassinate the Scarlet Empress. Things have gone downhill from there. As punishment, the Empress gradually stripped the House of all its holdings, and periodically executed some of its members. What few Iselsi remain in power do so only with the aid of the Immaculate Order.

Master of the House

Because of the Empress’s frequent purges and the scattering of the House’s scions, no single person holds any control. Technically, the remaining elders have sanctuary in the Palace Sublime, but they lack actual authority over the younger members.

Major Lines

With so few remaining members, all Iselsi rally under the House’s name. However, many members of House Iselsi have gone into hiding, using cover identities in the Threshold to remain out of sight and consolidate finances. The two most prominent of these households are:

Enuma, operating out of Cherak
Saraban, located in Kirighast
Neither of these households is obviously related to House Iselsi.


Without satrapies to collect taxes from, House Iselsi struggles to survive on stipends from the Immaculate Order and small businesses owned by cover families.

Goals and Alliances

House Iselsi has no friends, and no real goals save to survive. If the Scarlet Empress were to return, that might change, but barring such an occurrence, Iselsi will not last much longer.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Whitemane Vocal, a mortal governor of Spider’s Crossing
  • Darako Moonrise, skilled ship captain who makes frequent runs between Iselsi cover families

The Ruse

The greatest secret this House possesses is that they were conspiring with the Empress throughout the entire period of being shamed. The periodic “executions” were used to relocate key members of House Iselsi to the Threshold, where they acted as spymasters in service to the Realm. Unfortunately, the Empress disappeared before the House could be openly redeemed, and now they wait for her return, so that their dedication to the Empire might be visible to all.

House Iselsi

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