House Manosque

House Manosque began with the birth of Manosque himself in Realm Year 130 to the Scarlet Empress. Sadly, it ended with the coup lead by Manosque Viridian in Realm Year 244, who attempted to use the Eye of Autochthon to take control of the Realm. The coup ended three days march from the Imperial City when the skies opened up and swallowed Lord Viridian and half his army. The remainder of House Manosque was put to the sword by the Empress save for one unExalted child who’s decendents are made aware of their true herritage. Thus far none of these decendents have Exalted as Dragon-Blooded.

Master of the House

There currently are no masters of House Manosque

Major Lines

There currently are no major lines of House Manosque.

Illustrious Dynasts of the House

  • Manosque, founder of the House.
  • Grand Satrap Manosque Viridian, one-time possessor of the Eye of Autochthon who lead a failed coup against the Scarlet Empress, resulting in the destruction of the House.
  • Manosque Cyan, Green Sun Prince posing as a member of the Lesser Chamber of the Deliberative, but secretly trying to bring down the Scarlet Empire from within.

House Manosque

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