Imperial Military

Though holdouts in the Threshold have maintained their independence for centuries, the Realm is probably the most militarily powerful nation in all of Creation. It fields many legions and possesses a strong navy, all supplemented with powerful artifacts.


The Realm Navy is certainly the strongest in Creation. It possesses the majority of the First Age ships left from that era and is also the largest.

Air Fleet

Overseen by Admiral Ragara Feria, the Air Fleet is kept busy ferrying troops to and from the Northern Threshold. The Fleet is based in the city of Chanos, capital of Chanos Prefecture.

Fire Fleet

Led by Admiral Peleps Lundaer, the Fire Fleet is all that sustains the failing economy of the port of Noble.

Water Fleet

The Water Fleet is based out of Port Wavehold in the Wavehold Prefecture. It is led by Admiral Ledaal Calin.

Wood Fleet

Down the Jade Coast south of the Imperial City, the Wood Fleet maintains it’s headquarters out of Sdoia Prefecture and its capital city Sdoia. Admiral Peleps Polin keeps his offices in the House of Sweet Whispers.

Merchant Fleet

Based out of Arjuf in Arjuf Dominion, the Merchant Fleet patrols the coastlines of the Blessed Isle, preventing piracy and intrusion.

Imperial Military

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