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Malfeas was the Primordials’ king and general during the Primordial War. He wore another name back then, though it has not been recorded. Defeated and bound by the Exalted, Malfeas’s body now comprises the prison of Hell where the Yozis reside (as opposed to those slain, who became the Neverborn). His prison-body is an ever shifting, living city, though like the other Yozis he can appear in two places at once with his Jouten humaniform among other forms.

Malfeas is a vast realm of concentric spheres. From each layer the green sun, Ligier, is always visible. In his torment, Malfeas is constantly shifting his body; colliding layers together, or separating layers that have been bridged. The size of Malfeas is immeasurable, as proven by Solars of the First Age.

To enter or leave Malfeas, one must either cross the Endless Desert (a 5 days travel) or take more direct routes such as gates of inauspicious passage or other means their magic makes possible.

His name comes from the word “Malfeasance” meaning hostile, aggressive action.


The Fetich soul always comes first. List non-canonical content after canonical content, first.

Demons lacking progeny precede demons with progeny, second.

Fetich Soul of Malfeas: Ligier, the Green Sun

  • Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways, the Warden Soul of the Green Sun
  1. Erymanthoi, the Blood-Apes
  • Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices, the Indulgent Soul of the Green Sun
  1. Neomah, the Makers of Flesh
  2. Noresore, the Passion Morays
  • Gervesin, the Grieving Lord, the Messenger Soul of the Green Sun
  1. Decanthrope, the Body Snatchers
  2. Metody, the Malfean Elementals
  3. Patrok, the Havens of the Wanderers
  • Amalion, the Manse of Echoes Ascending, Fifth Soul of Malfeas
  • Suntarankal, the Crucible of Brass and Iron, Fifteenth Soul of Malfeas
  • Ipithymia, the Street of Golden Lanterns, Thirteenth Soul of Malfeas


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