Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom

Leshan cliffside teahouse

Brothel in Lookshy.

Known for it’s high standards of customer service.

Madam of the establishment, Madam Zeta.

Burned down two years ago and has been rebuilt even more magnificent than before. Several motifs of the Unconquered Sun are hidden amongst the decorations. Most notably the tiles on the main, inner garden, along with architectural features and flowers that, when viewed from the Madam’s private chamber bedroom window, are of the Unconquered Sun in all his magnificence.

It’s most notable and sought after companion is Black Swan with Head Under Wing Appears to Sleep which is the alter ego of White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity who arrives from time to time to entertain. Each arrival is celebrated with a grand feast and entertainment from around creation. Tickets to this event are highly priced and hard to come by.

Teahouse of the Water Lily in Bloom

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