A Contest of Nisse and Release


Death makes an offer

White Dove and Tendai spent the evening in the House of Ten Flowers while they packed up.
Atash began her meditation to incorporate the Red Lady into her being. Compassion is the key.

Vashtim looked into the further defenses of his manse, The Eternal Fortress.

Tendai examined the corpse of one of the Fair Folk behemoths. His attention was drawn to the sky where he saw Lesoj flying above the canal dropping crystals into the water. Moments later new ground was bursting out of the water, creating bridges to the wall of bronze.

Tendai also saw a new class of behemoth arrive and use the land bridges to get up close to the bronze walls. The Foster is a creature that he recognized from many books. They are terrible beasts of armor and rage that can level most things in their path.

The White Dove, Tendai and Botai’s entourage has arrived in the center manse. Botai has accepted living in the center of the city and has taken one of the smaller manses for her own. She opened it like she was returning home.

While Vashtim was discovering his manses defenses he was looking over the city through telescopes and found a large group of individuals in the outer ring and a flag flying in a courtyard. He decided to investigate. Shiga and Atash went with him.

On the way they saw a more and more corpses in the street. Upon closer inspection Vashtim became aware that the person he was addressing was a corpse. He pulled the zombie’s head off. This set off Shiga and Atash to attack several of the zombies. After several minutes and about 20 corpses Vashtim realized that the zombies were not reacting to them. Vashtim marched towards the flag.

The group came upon a Mortuary made of black basalt and surrounded by a huge graveyard. Upon passing into the graveyard they noticed that there were now many spectral beings standing around keeping the zombies at bay. Vashtim addressed the ghosts. The group had passed into a Shadowland. They only responded that they were told to let them pass into the building.

The group went inside and found a large group of people sitting in a pile of pillows. Most were dressed in little to nothing. As they approached a tall man with a burnt mask stood up and opened up his arms. Everyone stood still. The man finally took down his mask and revealed that it was Bedre.

Atash and Bedre embraced each other. He explained why he was in the city. He explained that he was trying to make a small holding in the city to open trade with creation in the name of the Blinded Spider. His lord has asked him to help the city in return for a quarter of the outer ring for their own.

Vashtim and Shiga returned to the manse while Atash stayed behind to see the city in the underworld.

White Dove and Tendai listened to Bedre’s offer. They decided to call Botai to court and speak with her. She arrived and she spoke to them of Lesoj. She seemed to skirt any questions about how long she had been in Nathir. She had previous dealings with Lesoj but now she says that he is more likely to fits of rage. White Dove moves the conversation to Naka and her training for dance. Botai told that she had been her best student and they had spent much time training. White Dove then went onto tell Botai about Naka’s last few days, Gumela and the slave ring. Botai told them that if the Fair Folk had been feeding off the corrupted slaves it might explain the madness or anger that has over taken the. She also mentioned that she has not seen Lesoj’s sister in a while, Erel. White Dove monitored Botai’s language to find out what she was. She was going to do some research at her library. Botai asked about Zaiku and after being told that he was missing she began to ask strange questions about him. She told them that she cannot see him but that the Wyld Hunt has stopped chasing him because they are heading to Nathir. They will arrive in a four days.

The group had decided that the next course of action was to speak to the Fair Folk.



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