A Contest of Nisse and Release



The group woke up to a grand breakfast. White Dove was almost all the way healed. Atash returned from her overnight stay with Bedre.

The group packed up to go visit the leader of the Fair Folk army. White Dove decided to bring two of her handmaidens with her. Tendai decided to stay behind and work on a new weapon.

White Dove made an announcement to the Fair Folk army through the PA system in the manse. She told the opposing forces that she would be traveling to the crystal keep to speak with Lesoj in person and that none of her entourage would attack or engage their forces. She sealed it with her anima. The group set out.

They passed through the outer ring of the city and found an army of the dead standing at attention. As they passed by the front of The Black Warrens, Bedre stood at the entrance in his full deathknight garb. He bowed slightly to Atash as the group passed.

Once they made it to the Bronze Wall of the city they saw that the Fair Folk forces had stopped attacking. The outer doors opened and the group walked outside to witness the full spectacle of the Fair Folk army at full attention. Behemoths stood still and unmoving. Throngs of warriors in glittering, iridescent pearl and gold armor waited motionless in formations as the group walked out of the city. The two servants that White Dove brought with her began to panic. Vashtim turned and promised to protect them at all costs. They calmed down and everyone began the long walk to the crystal keep.

Meanwhile, back at The Eternal Fortress, Tendai began planning and designing a weapon that can target forces at a great distance. Furiously he began making sketches. Over the course of several hours he remembered seeing a note about an airship that was used in the First Age. He looked into the manuals of the manse and found out that there are four massive airships in storage within the manse. He took off to discover if they were still intact.

After half a day’s journey the group found themselves traveling over barren mud and dirt until the landscape began to change. The mud began to look like cake icing or lava rolls. Grass began to be seen but it was razor sharp and dangerous. The sky even began to look strange as the color shifted. The Growing Flower slowly came into view and a strange cracking and humming was heard. Eventually the forces surrounding the structure were around them. Strange birthing areas disgorged baby behemoths in frightening numbers. Atash spotted human slave camps off in the distance. The closer they group got to the castle they noticed that the cracking and humming was coming from the structure as it was growing.

Great crystal doors opened and a strange creature bowed to them and welcomed them to the Growing Flower. Cura led them into the inner chambers and finally the throne room. Many strange creatures stood around. Most looked like some sort of forest fauna or flower but near the giant throne stood two galleries of humanoids that represented other courts from all over creation. Some looked like crystal and fire while others looked like snow and seaweed. All were silent as Cura bowed away from the group.

White Dove announced their presence along with everyone’s title and the reason for the visit. It was received well by Lesoj who remained seated on his crystal throne. When she was finished he announced himself and his full title to them. White Dove began to ask questions of him and his reason for attacking Nathir. He told the group that his sister, Erel was attacked by Shiga and driven off. He wants the city leveled along with every structure in 100 leagues of the Growing Flower so that no mortal or otherwise will be able to harm his sister or their area again. White Dove used several charms to discover that he was telling the truth and that his most prized possession in his reality was his sister. White Dove asked about her and Erel moved from behind the large crystal throne to introduce herself in a whisper of a voice. She presented the group with a small crystal cage that she wished to hold Shiga in for eternity. Vashtim mentioned that he would not fit and she went into a rage. She screamed that she would hold his essence in the device and her voice shattered many crystal structures inside the throne room.

Back in Nathir, Tendai discovered his four airships and a handful of the mercenaries that were lost beneath the manse. He decided to open up one of the launch bays to see if they still worked.

Upon opening one up and looking out over the city he saw one of the Royal Warstriders leaping over the bronze wall and pull out a large sword.

Shiga was attacking the Fair Folk army.



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