A Contest of Nisse and Release


Group took the crystal cage and headed back to Nathir. Behemoths began to take off toward Nathir. Vashtim decided to talk to a Fair Folk warrior. He called for reinforcements. Vashtim and the party decided to jump on one of the Dinsele and ride it to the city to avoid being killed.

Vashtim was stabbed in the back by the warrior with a large dagger.

Once over the city the other Dinsele began to dive bomb into buildings. Vashtim tried to punch the large creature into landing with little effect. He decided to use the gossamer dagger to damage the wing of the Dinsele. The dagger cut through the armor of the creature as if it didn’t have any. The Dinsele began to drop out of the sky and eventually through the city buildings. Vashtim stabbed the creature in the head and it died. In the air. With everyone riding on the creature. The servants were grabbed by Vashtim and he lept off. The servants were tossed onto the rooftop of a passing building. One servant landed in a pool garden and the other was impaled on a statue. Vashtim caught a clothesline and struck a building. Atash began to leap off the Dinsele when she noticed White Dove not moving. Atash grabbed her and lept off the creature.

White Dove and her servant decided to head back to the Manse while Atash and Vashtim headed to the outer wall. To stop Shiga and put his soul in a crystal cage for all eternity.

Tendai used the manse defenses to stop the Dinsele with a series of solar reflectors to burn them up.

White Dove arrived in the manse where she and Tendai decided to get in the two remaining Warstriders to go out and kill Shiga.

Vashtim and Atash pass by Bedre where they witness another deathknight with a formidable force.

Vashtim, Atash, Tendai and White Dove all arrive to the scene to find the wall torn open and Shiga fighting a group of Foster.



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