A Contest of Nisse and Release


The Death of Shiga

The group met Shiga in Royal Warstrider 1 at the breach in the wall of Bronze that surrounds Nathir.

Vashtim and Atash rode into battle on the shoulders of Tendai Haraki inside his Royal Warstrider – Retaliation. White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity scaled a nearby building in Royal Warstrider 2-On Golden Wings of Death where she rained down arrows the size of large boat oars.

Vashtim dismounted the warstrider and landed on top of one of the many Fair Folk behemoths called Fosters. Atash landed on the ground and forced the creature to focus all of it’s raging frenzy on her.

The battles raged on while Shiga Shiro in his warstrider battled against several Fosters. His reckless fighting eventually took its toll and his warstrider was badly damaged.

The group dispached their opponents and then raced up to Shiga. Tendai ripped the covering off of Shiga’s warstrider, exposing him. Vashtim used his Fair Folk Dagger and mortally wounded Shiga. White Dove made the killing blow with one of her arrows that she fired from her warstrider. Shiga’s head exploded. Vashtim held the Crystal Cage near Shiga and it absorbed his essence.



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