A Contest of Nisse and Release

Episode 1.1

Healing and Greeting

Music for Last Time

Last time on Exalted: A Contest of Nisse and Release . . .

Tendai approaching the city of Nexus on a small flat raft with several other passengers, animals and carts.

Atash trading The Black Sabor of the North and purchasing The Red Cutlass. Ralph sits on her shoulder glaring at the merchant.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity approaches the docks of Nexus on a large merchant vessel.

Vashtim puts on his armor, oils up his skin and brushes Bubastis.

A parade in the middle of Nexus. Banners flapping in the wind. Children running up through the crowd to get a better view.

Raft begins to take on water and people begin to panic as it burns their feet and ankles. The boat owner struggles to get the boat to shore.

The raft is tipped backwards so it lands on the bank. Everyone scrambles off to safety. Several people are sick from the poison water.

Tendai brings the people into a small villa and begins to heal the sick using herbs and his essence. He retreats to his room and his anima explodes.

A girl dances expertly among the crowd as White Dove watches. A group of mercenaries approaches. They are obviously drunk and all begin to hound the beautiful dancer.

Vashtim rides atop a float. Waving at the gathered crowd, he suddenly notices a small boy falling over the edge of a building.

He leaps down and begins to climb the wall to reach the dangling boy. The small boy loses his grip and begins to fall. Vashtim runs up some crates and jumps up to snatch the boy out of the air.

White Dove steps on a float and demands the thugs release the girl. One pulls a knife and puts it to the girl’s ribs. White Dove calls for assistance from Vashtim and Bubastis to join the battle. Bubastis defends White Dove.

Atash hears of the fight and starts to run to the commotion.

Vashtim takes several cuts as he demolishes several of the mercenaries as his anima begins to glow.

Atash arrives to cut down the remaining mercenaries.

The new group flees with the bleeding young woman. They arrive at Tendai’s villa; he brings them in and begins to heal them.

The street outside of the building is quiet and light shines brightly from the window on the second floor.

Music for Opening Credits

The Black Sabor of the North on the ocean. Atash fights with the Red Lady to defend a crewmate. The Red Lady begins to exalt as Atash kills her. The exaltation moves into Atash. A giant octopus engulfs the ship.

Close up of Atash brandishing two swords, Ralf jumps on her shoulder clutching a bottle of rum.

Vashtim fighting in a coliseum as a tiger saves him from several lions. The tiger rubs on Vashtim’s leg. Later Vashtim and the tiger Bubastis fight side-by-side as the undead attack the crowd. Vashtim exalts and he saves his Ludis master and a politician along with a great number of people. A phoenix engulfs the coliseum.

Close up of Vashitm as he draws out his Sun Splinter, Bubastis leaps in front of him and roars.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity fights off Ronin and starts a fire in her room. She escapes into the hallway to be confronted with Polished Jade who tells Ronin to kill her. White Dove exalts and she uses her powers to flee the teahouse as it burns. A flock of ravens surrounds her as she runs into the woods.

Close up of White Dove doing a fan dance then serving tea as she sits on a bed.

Tendai arrives in a village that is under siege. The barbarians arrive and several of them start to attack Tendai exalts. The image of a woman bowing erupts over the treetops. The barbarians are defeated in single combat.

Close up of Tendai as he heals a old man in a bed.

A city with canals filled with water instead of streets. The canals are set up in concentric circles radiating out from the center.

A field of glass flowers and trees with gemstone fruit blows in the breeze along with giant white pollen.

A pyramid in shadow with ghosts lingering in hard labor. It glows with a sick green light.

A harem of people lounging on pillows. A tall man in a mask sits in the middle of them all.

Tendai finished healing the locals that he saved from the sinking ferry. He also healed Vashtim and Bubastis.

White Dove took the fully healed Naka Yukan back to her estate where she fed and clothed Naka.

Naka told why she was dancing and where she was going. She was sent out of Nathir by an old seer to find some heroes to help her city from an unknown force. “Something about a contest starting, the sun burns eternal, forever and ever.” White Dove told Naka that she and some of the others may be able to help. Naka then performed a very intricate dance marginally well. Then she performed it again at a much slower speed and White Dove could see that this dance could only be done at full speed by an unnatural dancer. Only someone who has access to essence like a spirit or an exalted could perform the dance correctly.

The group then gathered at White Doves estate to share a simple eight course meal and discuss what Naka had told her.



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