Atash Baixe

Undercover Pirate


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Additional Charms not on Sheet
Solar Counter Attack


Red CutlassGem of Incomparable WellnessReaper DaiklaveOrichalcum Reinforced Buff Jacket

Atash’s Manse


She is attuned to a level 5 Manse called Minas Ahirdas located in Nexus under the estate of Ovid.

First Age Incarnation

Emperor of mankind by genzoman

Bunabi, Fist of the Glorious Sunrise is the first age golden incarnation of Atash.


Crimson Circling Strike

Charms in combo: Reed in the Wind, Hungry Tiger, Excellent Strike

cost – 3m, 1W

Arching Dervish of glimmering Blades

charms in combo: Iron Whirlwind, Excellent Strike and Reflex Sidestep

cost: 9m, 1W


Atash grew up a military brat in the Imperial Military and joined herself in her teenage years. They saw great potential in her and trained her in a special until that would go to the seas possed as a “pirate” to put a stop to a large pirate ring that was slowly taking over portions of the sea. She had a name for herself in both the pirate community as well as the naval forces high ups.

She was most known for her sword play and her sarcasm.

Mercy was hardly an issue while she was “hunting”. If they were pirates she would take over the ship and capture or kill the captain and send the rest on their way. The pirates thought she was out for glory and the name rather then the loot which she did not deny.

Her crew was small and effective with only 3 that were in the know. They were fellow navy men who showed great loyalty. They kept the secret and she would let them keep some of the loot. Most she would return to the navy and that would do with it what they wanted.

In Atash’s final piracy act she killed a well know captain, The Red Lady who had been giving her and the rest of the seas a hard time. As she finished the job she felt a power come over her. Her crew mates were there watching as her body took on a solar soul while she plunged her sword into the chest of this captain. Immediately she realized what had happened and her crew as well.

They ran.

They knew that if the navy found out they would be killed for being in association and Atash just for being. They paid a large sum to one of the crew members of the opposing pirate ship to claim the death of the crew of The Black Sabor of the North (Atash’s ship).

It has been a few years and Atash has gone into mercenary type work doing her best to hide her cast mark.

Her crew are with her sometimes but now have families and are living like normal people.

She suffers from nightmares which so far has lead her to believe she took the soul from the fearsome Red Lady (the last pirate she killed). She often has visions in her perspective and has nightmares of lives even further back in history. She is researching some of the various dreams she has and believes some date back to the war.

Now Atash and her animal companion, a smart capuchin monkey named Shakil, wander looking for adventure.

She is growing restless and is looking for a way to find justice in the world like she used to.


Dawn Caste


Familiar – 3 Monkey Shakil

Reputation – 3 (Imperial Navy/Pirates) This Background represents the character’s reknown for their notable exploits. It may grant a bonus to social situations or garner a penalty, depending on the reputation and the situation.

Allies – 1 ( * Three people undercover agents who help her out) This Background represents individuals that the character knows that can lend them aid. These individuals may also want favors in return.

Previous Crewmembers


Ambidextrous – 1 (Merit) The character is able to use both hands for Dexterity-related actions without penalty. (normally -1 die penalty)

Lucky – 2 (Merit) Lucky characters receive a luck pool equal to the number of points invested in the Merit. Players may spend a point of luck to repeat any roll at the same difficulty and target number. Even botches may be re-rolled with luck, provided the botches are not the result of broken oaths enforced by the anima of an Eclipse Caste Solar or a Moonshadow Cast Abyssal or similarly potent curses. Multiple rerolls may be applied to a single task until the desired result is obtained or until the luck runs out. You may also spend points of luck to affect a game of chance or other completely random event involving the character. Each point spent increases the chance of success by 10%. Roll 1d10, add 1 to the roll for every point spent = 6 or better means good fortune for the player. Regain one luck point after a full week they do not call upon their luck and refresh their luck pool at the end of a story.

Virtue Flaw

Heart of Flint (Conviction)
Break – Excessive Compassion when the task is on the line
The Solar loses touch with their emotions and takes the most effective solution to any problem, regardless of the consequences.
Partial Control: The Solar’s emotions may have minimal effect on their plans, allowing them to avoid an action they are strongly against.
Duration: One day.
Condition: Being frustrated by the audacity of a criminal organization getting away with things.

Nature – Explorer: The prospect of finding new and lost places, people and things – whether it’s an elder ruin, a lost artifact or a musical style – gives your life meaning. Discoveries are your passion, and you devote a great deal of time and effort to keeping up with current events. The routine and commonplace bores you, and learning of someone else’s discovery fills you with envy. You constantly set your sights on the horizon, sometimes at the expense of the here and now.
Gain Willpower whenever you make a significant discovery.

The Conviction Trait is one of the four Virtues. It is a measure for a character’s drive and strength of motivation. It represents a character’s dogmatic pursuit of their own beliefs, and a measure of the extremes they will go to for those beliefs. A character with Conviction will never back down from what they believe is right.

However, Conviction can also handicap a character’s decision making abilities. On one hand it is a strength, but on the other Conviction is a self imposed loss of freedom. A character with Conviction is stubborn, and can become hard-headed even in the face of logic and truth.

A character with a Conviction of 1 is indecisive and easily swayed, a character with a Conviction of 3 knows how to remain true to their beliefs and make the hard decisions, and a character with a Conviction of 5 is unshakable and will never stray from their objectives.

Willpower can be spent to channel Conviction into decisive actions despite uncertain outcomes, as well as resisting torture and mind-control that tries to make a character go against their nature.

Characters with High Conviction may have to fail a Conviction roll in order to walk away from a commitment, abandon their allies, or surrender to hardship and suffering.

Atash Baixe

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