A Contest of Nisse and Release

The Great Escape
Session 2.1

Music for the opening credits

Last time on Exalted: A Contest of Nisse and Release . . .

Wu Lee-Gu, Naka, Idel and Anden pleading in unison: “We need your help to save Nathir.”

River Games erupting in cheers. Gladiators fighting in the arena.

The group viewing the games, healing wounded, jumping into the arena.

Fighting gladiators. Being launched through the air. Evading Dragon-Blooded. Anden and Reyny are saved.

Animas erupting in various forms. Onlookers are shocked. Ragara Camasto and Cathak Athyen in unison saying “The Wyld Hunt is on it’s way”

Close up of Tepet Yumi’s mouth as she whispers “Your father is here”

Zombies attack. Atash wakes up in a Manse. Bedre moving into shadow saying “We will meet again”

The group leaving White Doves estate. Everyone gets to the Red Cutlass and it start to set sail.

Anden panics and erupts into solar essence as he exalts Dawn caste. He is cut in half by a fiery Blue Jade spear. He falls to the deck dead and the spear vanishes.

Opening Title – A Contest of Nisse and Release

Atash exalts on a ship. A giant octopus rises up out of the ocean and engulfs the ship.
Close up of Atash disarming someone and holding the sword at them, Shakil jumps on her shoulder and screams in defiance.

Vashtim exalts in a coliseum. A phoenix engulfs the coliseum.
Close up of Vashitm being launched out of a catapult flying through the air and landing on top of a wall.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity exalts in a burning house. A flock of ravens surrounds her as she runs into the woods.
Close up of White Dove whispering in someone’s ear, they in turn tell her something and she gets up and walks away.

Tendai exalts in a village square. The image of a woman bowing erupts over the treetops.
Close up of Tendai as he heals several gladiators by absorbing their damage.

Zaiku exalts in a courtyard. A towering shogun anima stands over a one armed man lying on the ground.
Close up of Zaiku as he slips into the shadows while searching hallways and corridors.

A constellation shifts in the night sky.

A city with canals filled with water instead of streets. The canals are set up in concentric circles radiating out from the center.

A field of glass flowers and trees with gemstone fruit blows in the breeze along with giant white pollen clouds in the distance.

Ghosts lingering in hard labor in front of a pyramid in shadow. The pyramid pulses up and out with a sick green light.

A harem of people lounging on pillows. A tall man in a burnt mask sits in the middle of them all.

A train of slaves moving into a glass court as Fair Folk examine them in detail.

A large death knight traveling at the front of an undead army.

Fair Folk warriors plucking weapons out of the ground, trees and thin air.

A city of canals on fire.

Atash pulled the Red Cutlass from the pier. Everyone saw that there were three Wyld Hunt ships waiting for them.

Vashtim, White Dove and Tendai helped clear the deck of the remaining mortals including Idel and her children. They were taken below.

Exodus from nexus

Atash decided to utilize the cities canals to try to lose her pursuers since it would be difficult for them to navigate. Also the Wyld Hunt ships would not be able to get alongside her and board the Red Cutlass.

She started for one of the larger canals and was cut off by the Trident of Volturnus.

Atash managed to turn the ship down a more narrow canal where the Trident had trouble maneuvering the turns. Atash use a charm to fill her sails with wind even though she was travelling against the wind.

Zaiku climbed to the top of the rigging to keep track of the following ships. His birds-eye-view allowed him to see that the other two ships were blocking the ways out of the Nexus Docks and that the Trident and the Jade Wrath almost collided while moving past one another.

Atash flew down the narrow canal avoiding other boats and turned a corner too sharply. The Red Cutlass ran over a small fishing boat. The fisherman drowned.

The Trident of Volturnus picked up speed coming down the now, mostly cleared canal but when it reached the sharp turn it has to slow considerably. This allowed the Atash to gain enough of a lead to make it to the Nighthammer Docks. She unknowingly sailed past another Wyld Hunt ship called the Empress’ Arrow without either ship spotting the other. Once out into the Grey River she got out of sight of Nexus and looped around to the far side of the Yellow River and sailed upriver towards Great Forks.

A day into the trip, Zaiku noticed that there was a great black bird trailing the ship. It never got closer or farther away. It simply followed.

Vashtim jumped into the river and gathered some rocks to throw at the bird. He also picked up a hungry River Dragon that began to follow the Red Cutlass.

A few more days passed and Vashtim noticed the River Dragon.

On the fourth day while White Dove was pulling watch duty the bird landed on the boat and watched her. The bird was a Raiton and it was much larger than any she had seen before. White Dove woke up Zaiku who was sleeping on the deck. He stood up, looked the bird over and decided that it might be a little god. So he bowed, deeply. The bird lowered its head but when it lost eye contact with Zaiku it glanced at White Dove confused. Zaiku stood up and said “Hello”.

The voice of an old woman resounded in their minds it said “Greetings”

White Dove then understood that the bird might be something more that it appeared. Something older and wiser that anyone she had met in her life. She started formal introduction of each party member using the ancient nicknames of their castes.

“Welcome back to the world Celestials.” Ration answered.

Episode 1.10
After-Party and Departure

The quick zombies charge into the Ovid’s estate. White Dove tracked the undead through the estate until she realized that they were all heading upstairs with intense purpose.

She goes outside to tell a blazing Vashtim who was cleaning up the last few altered zombies. The newly killed began to stir before her eyes she tells Vashtim. Then she notices that Atash is not where she fell.

Both White Dove and Vashtim head inside to track the fast zombies. Vashtim cuts down the shambling dead as they go. They come to a hallway where several stumbling dead linger. Vashtim begins to whirl Sun Splinter over his head while turning in circles and moving down the hall. Time slows as chunks of plaster from the walls fill the air. The shambling dead pause from the intense righteous flames pouring off of Vashtim’s aura. The shamblers are sliced into pieces sending heads, hands, arms, legs and gore in all directions. White Dove glides along behind him, not a hair out of place, head bowed and gently fanning her face.

Upon reaching Ovid’s study they see that the balcony has a pile of furniture on it and several quick zombies trying to climb up to get to the roof. Vashtim picks up a fainting couch and charges the nearest one. It dodges and grabs the couch turns and tosses Vashtim off the balcony. He lands in a fountain in the yard below. As he looks up he sees Ovid and a few people on the roof. Ovid calls out Vashtim’s name. Two of the zombies leap down after Vashtim. White Dove moves outside quietly and makes sure Vashtim is safe. She then saw that Ovid was on the roof with a few others.

White Dove hides in the study and watches as another quick zombie enters and looks up through the ceiling at where Ovid is standing. It then moves outside and tries to climb up the pile of furniture.

Vashtim dispatches the zombies that followed him and races upstairs.

Using his last reserves of Willpower and Essence Vashtim becomes a blur of Orichalcum as he moves through the group of dead. The phoenix of essence blazes several stories into the night sky over Bastion District. As he comes to a stop the zombies fall to the ground dead, again. The anima cuts down to a blazing bonfire. Depleted of his essence he leans on his large golden sword. White Dove glides on to the balcony. She asks if everyone is alright.

Ovid calls down that they are alright but a woman has been hurt. White Dove and Vashtim get everyone down from the roof and as they are exiting the estate the woman collapses and coughs up blood. Vashtim tells White Dove to take everyone else outside. The woman looks up at Ovid’s wife as she reaches out to help the woman up, and she hisses at her.

The group goes outside and Vashtim takes care of the woman. Ovid’s wife tells White Dove that the woman was her sister.

White Dove takes Ovid and his wife back to her estate. She tells Tendai and Zaiku. They tell her of Tepet Yummi’s visit.

Vashtim waits at Ovid’s until the local mercenary group shows up. He helps them clear the grounds. He suddenly realizes that Atash is missing. He doggedly searches for her over the next few hours.

Unknown to him, Atash has been brought to a crypt below the estate. She awakes fully healed to find herself inside the last resting place of a mighty solar. The place has several antechambers filled with weapons and armor. She finds a hearthstone set in a tiara upon her head. A figure stands in the corner. He looks like he is in pain. It is Bedre. He tells her that she needs to stay here for a while longer so she can fully attune to the manse. He bids her farewell and leaves. As he goes she notices that his shadow is not in sync with his movements and it looks decrepit and wrong. She rests there for a few hours.

Vashtim hears something is the back part of the estate grounds. As he moves closer to the sound he sees a statue move back into place and click. After examining the statue he sees that there is a series of triggers that have to be adjusted in order to open the crypt. Several hours later he cracks the code and the statue pulls back to reveal Atash moving up and out of the manse. She tells him to go down and pick out some weapons and armor for him and the others. They both eventually make it back to White Dove’s house.

After breakfast the group decides to leave Nexus at noon. White Dove tries to get supplies together and make several decoys but finds that her efforts are being blocked by supernatural forces.

Atash goes directly to her ship and notices that there is a very large number of Imperial ships moored in the Yellow River.

Vashtim goes to The Jade Order to see if they can smuggle him to the dock. They agree.

White Dove takes off her make-up and dresses as a servant. She heads out with Naka and they sneak down to the docks.

Tendai takes the rest of the mortals through the markets and eventually to the dock. Everyone is dressed like servants. Anden sees the ships guarding the river and starts to panic.

Zaiku leaves and leads the people watching the house on a wild goose chase through the city where he ditches them and sneaks to the dock.

Atash starts to move the Red Cutlass out of the dock and into the Yellow River. White Dove notices the Wyld Hunt ships start to pull anchor and move toward them. Anden sees this as well and begins to freak out. Saying things like “They are going to capture us” and “I can’t endanger my son again”.

Anden erupts into golden essence and light. The totem of a golden tornado fills the sky above the Red Cutlass. Suddenly a blazing blue jade spear tears through the face and chest of Anden, killing him instantly.

Episode 1.9
After-Party part 1

White Dove, Atash and Vashtim all arrived at Ovid’s estate.

Vashtim helped Ovid make a little money selling Essence of Vashim. Atash explored the estate and White Dove introduced Cathak Athyen to her friends. Athyen seemed to be stirring the pot between Bricio and Vashtim.

Eventually Ovid asked everyone to gather for a meeting where he announced that he will be running for Minister of Public Entertainment and the city’s overall good health. Fireworks go off and in the distance a scream is heard.

Tendai still works on Zaiku’s wounds from earlier in the day. A gust of wind and the smell of perfume alerts Zaiku that Tepet Yumi is in the room. Suddenly Tendia is aware of the danger as Yumi’s blade touches his neck. She stands with Tendai between her and Zaiku.

“Hello lover” she says.

Tendai announces to Yummi that the room is a sanctuary of healing. She agrees and exchanges words with Zaiku before leaving. As she departs she tells Zaiku that his father is coming.

Back at the party the group is assaulted by a force of zombies. This force is fast and much deadlier that anyone has ever encountered.

Vashtim engages several zombies as does Atash. White Dove directs many of the crowd into the house for safety. Vashtim suffers several wounds while taking down a few zombies. Atash is knocked unconscious. One of zombies stops to bite into Atash. White Dove notices and throws a chakram at the zombie getting its attention. She also notices that the zombies are all heading toward the house unless engaged directly.

Episode 1.8
Money and Healing

The group arrived back at White Dove’s estate.

Vashtim decided to take a nap to regain his health.

White Dove also refreshed herself. Ovid personally stopped by to invite everyone to a party at his estate in the Bastion District.

Tendai attended to the wounds of Anden and Zaiku. Anden was healed immediately but Zaiku would take 12 hours.

Atash decided to get her winnings from Yagin in the Nexus district. She was awarded her money without any problem. I brick and 7 bars of green Jade.

On her way back she became aware that she was being followed. Atash decided to stand her ground against her attackers. The battle was seven against one and it was fought to the bloody end. Atash stood victorious against her attackers. Deeply wounded and nearly dead Shakil and Atash returned to the estate.

Tendai paused in his work on Zaiku to heal up Atash and Shakil.

Atash set some of the servants to purchase a dress for her. She also had some items bought for Vashtim so that he could dress up for the event.

The group was preparing to go the after party celebration at Ovid’s estate.

Episode 1.6
The Re-Take of Thorns

The Re-take of Thorns

Anden reaches the top of the tower and pulls the mask off of the figure seated atop it. The small figure is Reyny.

Idel screams from the VIP box. Atash leaps down to the floor of the coliseum and waits.

Vashtim leaps down to from the stands on top of another VIP box. He crashes through the roof and into a large chair.

White Dove tries to leave the VIP box but is stopped by Cathak Athyen. He seems determined to find out the connection between White Dove and her companions. Tepet Yumi is anxiously looking at the crowd for someone.

Woo Lee-Gu and Naka Yukan hold back Mara as Idel leaps down to the coliseum floor. She charges past Atash with her sword drawn to attack the gladiators. Atash decides to stop Idel.

Vashtim drops down to the battle floor and runs to the nearest catapult. He jumps into the bucket and waits.

Atash tackles Idel as she runs to engage the gladiators. Atash holds her down until she calms down.

White Dove bides her time while the crowd begins to roar.

Tendai begins to hear the crowd chant for Vashtim. He goes to see what is happening and then heads for the VIP box.

Anden loses his grip and falls to the ground below. He lands badly on his arm.

Vashtim gets launched at the fortress surrounding the platform where Reyny is being held. In mid-flight he manages to push off of the ammunition and makes it to the top of the walls.

Atash keeps Idel from attacking the gladiators by disarming her.

Vashtim uses an incoming projectile to shoot himself onto the structure that holds Reyny. He begins to climb up.

White Dove is released and gathers up Woo Lee, Naka and Mara to leave the games. As she is leaving she notices that Tepet Yumi is gone. The group meets up with Tendai in the hallways.

Vashtim reaches the top of the structure and tells Reyny that he is going to save him. Vashtim begins to destroy the chair that Reyny is strapped to.

Zaiku moves to a catapult and destroys it with one stroke and then he heads for Reyny.

White Dove and Tendai eventually make it outside and secure a coach. They wait for the others to arrive.

As Vashtim takes a few more swipes at the chair he begins to get a look in his eye. Acting under compulsion his only thought is to rescue Reyny and take him to safety. Zaiku makes it to the top and tries to reason with Vashtim to no avail. Vashtim destroys the chair, grabs up Reyny and steps off the structure. On the way down he uses his sword to slow his descent a little. He lands hard but Reyny is safe.

Atash and Idel see Tepet Yumi rush past and up the tower directly at Zaiku. She launches herself up into the air with both swords drawn glowing brightly. Zaiku turns at the last moment and tries to defend himself. She cuts straight through his defenses. He is slashed from collar bone to his hip. He falls off the burning tower. He is able to activate Graceful Crane Stance and Atash leaps up to catch him.

Vashtim takes the costume off of Reyny and presents it to the crowd where he announces that the Mask of Winters is defeated. The crowd goes crazy. The group leaves the coliseum quickly and into the waiting coach.

Tepet Yumi watches from the top of the coliseum as the coach drives off into the distance.

Episode 1.5
River Games Day Two

Zaiku, White Dove and Tendai all wake up in White Dove’s estate. They cleaned up and headed to the games with Ovid.

Vashtim and Atash wake up in the Undercity of Nexus covered in grim. They head to White Dove’s estate where they are cleaned up by the staff. They head down to the River Games.

The River Games start off with the reenactment of the Usurpation of the Anathema. The day continued where Sylph’s Gauntlet and The Jade Order equally matched each other in losses throughout the day.

Tendai set up shop again in the stables of the Jade Order where he kept eight men and their injuries.

White Dove spent the day avoiding the inquiries of Cathak Athyen as he tried to get her to tell him about her companions.

Vashtim found out that Bedre was staying on the ship, the Grey Heart. Vashtim also was talked into getting into the games. Ovid suggested that he talk to Magnus and gave a large amount of jade to Vashtim to help persuade Magnus. After Vashtim talked to Magnus, he decides to go up into the stands so that he could just jump into the games.

Atash spots Ragara Camasto across the stadium and decides to go talk to him. Atash spots Bedre outside the stadium and she avoids looking at him while he stares at her. He explains to her that he is a Gold Faction member of the Cult of the Illuminated. He also tells her that everyone is in great danger. She decides to go tell the others.

Zaiku spends several hours searching for Reyny and Anden until he discovers that Tepet Yumi is nearby. He retreats to the VIP box. Soon Yumi arrives and is obviously looking for him. Zaiku leaves the box and finds Vashtim and goes over why it would be bad if Vashtim was to be noticed.

Atash arrives in the VIP box to tell White Dove that they are all in danger. Atash realizes that several people are listening to her, especially Tepet Yumi. Atash tries to pass it off as if she is afraid of being violated and drugged again.

With that the finale starts. A replica of Thorns is constructed in the center of the stadium and then was filled with slaves dressed as the dead. Gladiators arrived dressed as Dragon-Blooded and begin to siege the city. The Dragon-Blooded kill off several of the dead. The Dragon-Blooded pull back and one of the center towers opens up and the figure of the Mask of Winters rises up. The dead begin to pour out of the city and one of the Deathknights turns to look back at the Mask. He begins to charge back at the city and climbs the structure. Vashtim calls out Anden’s name over the cheering of the crowd. The Deathknight reaches the Mask of Winters and pulls off the mask revealing a struggling screaming Reyny.

Episode 1.4
River Games Day One

Day 20 of the month of Descending Water

A large two-story coach arrives to take the group to the Coliseum for the River Games. White Dove also had a separate coach arrive with Cathak Athyen to take them to the games. Naka and White Dove accompany Athyen to the games.

Ovid’s deluxe coach stops and picks up several people along the way to the games. Woo Lee-Gu, Idel and Mara all arrive in the oversized private viewing box along with Atash Baixe, Tendai Haraki, Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master and Vashtim Skerene. The box seats are filled with other dignitaries and city officials.

Atash attempted to sell the tickets she purchased from Beryl but was noticed by security and walked out of the arena. She used her VIP pass to get back in another entrance. She again attempted to sell the tickets and got no takers. She then returned to the government box with the rest of the group.

White Dove and Athyen sit in their small viewing box on the other side of the arena. Vashtim and Tendai spot White Dove across the stadium and wave to her. Athyen notices this and asks if they could go sit with the officials in the government seats.

They move over to meet up with the rest of the group. While introductions are made, Athyen notices Zaiku as General Cathak Giren’s son, Cathak Giren Zaiku. Who has been reported as dead by his father for the last few months. Athyen, Zaiku’s third cousin twice removed, is certain he knows who Zaiku is. Zaiku tries to deny the accusations but Athyen announces that all will be decided when Tepet Yumi arrives to watch the games. Athyen tells everyone that Yumi was engaged to Zaiku right before he ‘died’. Zaiku vanishes before everyone’s eyes when he nearly runs into Yumi in the hallway. Thankfully he is shrouded by his anima. Tendai tries to cover for Zaiku by telling everyone that Zaiku fell over the edge. Yumi arrives and Athyen informs her of who he met. She goes ice cold and questions Tendai about Zaiku. Her anima flickers as she questions him. Certain that she is being lied to she decides to leave to look for Zaiku.

The first round of criminals is executed for the gathered crowd. Bricio arrives with a guest, Bedre. Bricio begins to talk up his odds in the games tomorrow while belittling The Jade Order. Vashtim begins to argue with him when Magnus arrives. Magnus blows off Bricio and asks for Vashtim’s help with something. The games begin and Bedre tries to make moves on White Dove but she dismisses him right away so he moves onto Atash. They seem to hit it off despite Atash’s knowledge of his deceitful nature. Tendai decides to help out Magnus’ gladiators so he heads down with Vashtim. Tendai helps several gladiators heal up for tomorrows games. Zaiku meets up with them after searching for Anden and Reyny in the crowd and below in the cells. Zaiku tells Vashtim about being Anathema and the impact of drawing the Wyld Hunt down on them.

The rest of the day is filled with killing and socializing. White Dove discovers that Athyen is screwing over the Wyld Hunt financially.

The group decides to go to an after party. Vashtim signs a few autographs. Atash and Bedre have a blast and Atash soon finds herself wasted faster than she normally would be. The group also begins to notice. As they approach her, another person intervenes and begins to have words with Bedre. Atash, in a drunken moment of proving that she doesn’t need help she activates her terrifying anima of a kraken and clears the party of guests. Bedre vanishes. Vashtim tackles Atash and the group surrounds her. The man who tried to help Atash tells them that they are all in great danger. He announces himself as Ragara Camasto and that he is a scout for the Wyld Hunt and a Gold Faction member. Tendai heals Atash of her condition and then he passes out from the strain as the group heads outside. The Undercity is their only hope for hiding Atash and her terrifying kraken anima so Vastim and Atash head below. White Dove, Zaiku and an unconscious Tendai head back to her place along with Idel, Woo and Mara.

The city goes dark as the giant golden octopus sinks below the ground. A shrouded figure stands down the street watching the carriage head off to Bastion District of Nexus.

Episode 1.3
Killing Jar

Atash spent several hours on her boat repairing some rigging. Later she wandered into the Nexus District and watched many people arriving for the River Games. She eventually found a bookie and was talked into betting jade on Vashtim in River Games. When she continued to wander around she began to notice a man following her, but not stealthily. She went into a pub and waited to see if he would follow her. The man entered and walked up to the bar and sat next to her. He spoke to her over his concern for her safety. He told her his name was Camasto.

She headed back to White Dove’s home. Everyone arrived just after lunch. After much cleaning and feasting, most of the group began to over indulge. Vashtim’s concern for the missing Anden and Reyny triggered an impassioned speech that rallied the group to go out and look for them. Vashitm and Tendai decided to find Ovid but ran into a problem when Vashitm was stopped by a Bastion Hill patrol and he discovered he had misplaced his pass. Tendai swooped in to save Vashtim from being removed from the secure district. Vashtim and Tendai return and get directions to Ovid’s place. Ovid could not tell them anything about the mercenary group so they headed back.

Zaiku discussed making Naka bait for the people responsible for kidnapping Anden and his son. Naka was not interested.
Power fist red 946
A plan was formed to check The Jade Order and Atash would track down some of her previous crew to see if anyone could help them track down the mercenary group responsible for attacking Naka during the parade.

Upon arriving at The Jade Order the guard told them where they could find the mercenary group Hely’s Lions. Vashtim, Atash and Zaiku tracked down the Lions to find that they could not get in. They left and tracked down a former crew member of Atash, Weardu who told them where to find the actual owners of the mercenary symbol, The Iron Saints.

The crew headed over to the Saints holdout. Vashtim tossed Zaiku onto the roof where he promptly climbed down the chimney. At the same time Atash was asked inside leaving Vashtim outside by himself. Vashtim stated hacking the door down while Atash found herself inside a locked room. Zaiku began to explore the place when the sound of Atash’s screams sent him to help. Vashtim ripped the door off and demanded the Saints return his friends.

Zaiku started to cut open the door holding Atash when she picked the lock and freed herself. The sound of battle attracted Atash. Zaiku used the distraction to search the entire facility.

Zaiku returned to the entrance to find a gore-covered and anima-blazing Atash and Vashtim standing among the slaughtered remains of 30 corpses.

“They are not here” Zaiku says.

Episode 1.2
Lost and Found

Five Months Earlier . . .

Zaiku, The Sword Without a Master stands against his uncle Fu Zeng Sung who has taken it upon himself to force the young Dragon-Blooded to exalt or be killed.

The exaltation happens though instead of exalting as a Dragon-Blooded, Zaiku exalts as a solar. The fight changes and in a moment of confusion and vision of his previous life as a solar being killed by his Dragon-Blooded soldiers. Zaiku cuts off Fu Zeng’s arm. Faced with the horror of what he had done and the approaching Dragon-Blooded guards, Zaiku fled into the wilderness.

Months pass and Zaiku meets Woo Lee-Gu while helping a small town south of the Rolling River and Great Forks. Woo asked Zaiku for help with a strange force that threatens Nathir. Zaiku accepted and Woo mentioned that his other companions were going to be in Nexus for a few more weeks trying to find other heroes. They travelled the Nexus to locate Woo’s friends.

The group enjoys a grand breakfast before Vashtim heads out to The Jade Order looking for Anden and his son Reyny.

After hours of waiting, they never show so Vashtim goes looking for them in the streets.

In the meantime Tendai enjoyed the hospitality of White Dove’s estate. White Dove spent the day with Naka.

Atash returned to her ship.

Zaiku and Woo run into Idel and Mara who are out looking for her husband and her son. She had heard her husband was going to meet with a gladiator named Vashtim who was also anathema.

A little later they run into Vashtim.

Episode 1.1
Healing and Greeting

Music for Last Time

Last time on Exalted: A Contest of Nisse and Release . . .

Tendai approaching the city of Nexus on a small flat raft with several other passengers, animals and carts.

Atash trading The Black Sabor of the North and purchasing The Red Cutlass. Ralph sits on her shoulder glaring at the merchant.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity approaches the docks of Nexus on a large merchant vessel.

Vashtim puts on his armor, oils up his skin and brushes Bubastis.

A parade in the middle of Nexus. Banners flapping in the wind. Children running up through the crowd to get a better view.

Raft begins to take on water and people begin to panic as it burns their feet and ankles. The boat owner struggles to get the boat to shore.

The raft is tipped backwards so it lands on the bank. Everyone scrambles off to safety. Several people are sick from the poison water.

Tendai brings the people into a small villa and begins to heal the sick using herbs and his essence. He retreats to his room and his anima explodes.

A girl dances expertly among the crowd as White Dove watches. A group of mercenaries approaches. They are obviously drunk and all begin to hound the beautiful dancer.

Vashtim rides atop a float. Waving at the gathered crowd, he suddenly notices a small boy falling over the edge of a building.

He leaps down and begins to climb the wall to reach the dangling boy. The small boy loses his grip and begins to fall. Vashtim runs up some crates and jumps up to snatch the boy out of the air.

White Dove steps on a float and demands the thugs release the girl. One pulls a knife and puts it to the girl’s ribs. White Dove calls for assistance from Vashtim and Bubastis to join the battle. Bubastis defends White Dove.

Atash hears of the fight and starts to run to the commotion.

Vashtim takes several cuts as he demolishes several of the mercenaries as his anima begins to glow.

Atash arrives to cut down the remaining mercenaries.

The new group flees with the bleeding young woman. They arrive at Tendai’s villa; he brings them in and begins to heal them.

The street outside of the building is quiet and light shines brightly from the window on the second floor.

Music for Opening Credits

The Black Sabor of the North on the ocean. Atash fights with the Red Lady to defend a crewmate. The Red Lady begins to exalt as Atash kills her. The exaltation moves into Atash. A giant octopus engulfs the ship.

Close up of Atash brandishing two swords, Ralf jumps on her shoulder clutching a bottle of rum.

Vashtim fighting in a coliseum as a tiger saves him from several lions. The tiger rubs on Vashtim’s leg. Later Vashtim and the tiger Bubastis fight side-by-side as the undead attack the crowd. Vashtim exalts and he saves his Ludis master and a politician along with a great number of people. A phoenix engulfs the coliseum.

Close up of Vashitm as he draws out his Sun Splinter, Bubastis leaps in front of him and roars.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity fights off Ronin and starts a fire in her room. She escapes into the hallway to be confronted with Polished Jade who tells Ronin to kill her. White Dove exalts and she uses her powers to flee the teahouse as it burns. A flock of ravens surrounds her as she runs into the woods.

Close up of White Dove doing a fan dance then serving tea as she sits on a bed.

Tendai arrives in a village that is under siege. The barbarians arrive and several of them start to attack Tendai exalts. The image of a woman bowing erupts over the treetops. The barbarians are defeated in single combat.

Close up of Tendai as he heals a old man in a bed.

A city with canals filled with water instead of streets. The canals are set up in concentric circles radiating out from the center.

A field of glass flowers and trees with gemstone fruit blows in the breeze along with giant white pollen.

A pyramid in shadow with ghosts lingering in hard labor. It glows with a sick green light.

A harem of people lounging on pillows. A tall man in a mask sits in the middle of them all.

Tendai finished healing the locals that he saved from the sinking ferry. He also healed Vashtim and Bubastis.

White Dove took the fully healed Naka Yukan back to her estate where she fed and clothed Naka.

Naka told why she was dancing and where she was going. She was sent out of Nathir by an old seer to find some heroes to help her city from an unknown force. “Something about a contest starting, the sun burns eternal, forever and ever.” White Dove told Naka that she and some of the others may be able to help. Naka then performed a very intricate dance marginally well. Then she performed it again at a much slower speed and White Dove could see that this dance could only be done at full speed by an unnatural dancer. Only someone who has access to essence like a spirit or an exalted could perform the dance correctly.

The group then gathered at White Doves estate to share a simple eight course meal and discuss what Naka had told her.


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