A Contest of Nisse and Release

Hands & Feet smackdown
Session 2.9

Great Forks Day 5 – 13th day of Ascending Air

The group awoke and after an extended debate they headed off to the warehouse to free slaves and take out any remaining gang members. Zaiku arrived just as the group was leaving. He was covered in filth and sewage.

They found the Hands & Feet Emporium friendly and accommodating even after Tendai asked for slaves that will not walk out in front of large carts.

White Dove asked to be shown the livestock so the group was given access to the holding area.

Zaiku managed to slip away from the group and locate the other slaves in the basement. Zaiku subdued the ten employees that he found below and then he waited for others to show up. He systematically took out each one as they arrived and the slaves managed to hide the unconscious bodies. Once the flow of victims stopped he freed the rejected slaves and tied up the gang members.

Upstairs, White Dove asked to see the driver’s seat on the large cart in the warehouse. As the employees helped her up, Tendai, Atash and Vashtim covered the exits. White Dove then announced to the building that she was acting on behalf of the city Gods and they should surrender. The group all activated their animas in unison. Many of the gang members gave up with only a few fighting back.

The resistance was put down fairly quickly and Atash’s terrifying anima spooked the Yeddim but Vashtim was able to calm the creatures down before too much damage was caused.
Slaves were freed, given money and allowed to take the clothes of their captures. The city guards arrived and took away all the gang members that survived.

White Dove offered employment to three of the best female specimens.

Picking up the Trail
Session 2.8

Great Forks: Day Four (evening)

The fight continued. The circle managed to subdue all of the Angels of Knebury that were present at The Yellow Mug. Two of the members looked a little more respectable.

The city watch was brought in and they managed to round up everyone and bring them all back to the holding facility. Word was sent to bring in White Dove to help question the thugs.

Lee To-Le turned out to be the organizer of purchasing the slaves and disposing of them. 452 slaves have been killed over the last 9 months. He makes 7 shards of Jade a month. He does as he is told and nothing more. He told them of the holding facility where the newly purchased slaves are housed and where the rejects are brought.

Hsee Ni-Gao is the messenger. He picks up the information from an estate owned by a lady called Eamalas. She is a prominent member of The Guild and calls Great Forks her home. She is responsible for a lot of trade in Great Forks and the East in General. Her estate is located in the West quarter of the city.

The Sting
Session 2.7

Great Forks: Day Four

White Dove goes with Naka and Mara to watch the practice at The Pillow. She comes to the conclusion that Glimmering Perfect Rainbow Star is an Abyssal after watching her talk to Mara. She focused on her pain asking her detailed questions about her father’s death. White Dove slipped out to get everyone else.

She went back to the hotel and found the group. Everyone headed back to The Pillow where they found Mara and Rainbow Star dancing and laughing. Her compassion for Mara is supernatural.

Everyone left and went back to relax. Vashtim, Tendai and Atash go out to find the criminal organization. They locate them and stop the murder of another slave. The four individuals are captured. After questioning them they are lead to the The Yellow Mug. They have dinner and watch as the Angels of Knebury fill up the place.

The group stood up and announced that they had arrived to put an end to their villainy.

The Angels stood up and drew weapons.

Atash grabbed a plate and threw it at their waiter and broke his nose.

Tendai jumped to the front door and secured it.

Vashtim picked up their table and bellowed as he charged into the heart of the group.

Mongo But Pawn In Game Of Life
Session 2.6

Great Forks: Day Three

White Dove takes Mara and Naka to see another show at The Pillow. The show began and the small audience was told a tale of a childish Prince who was forced into a marriage to please the Queen. While preparing for the wedding the Prince met a young baker who he fell madly in love with. The Queen threatened to disown the prince if he continued. He continued and was forced to live as a peasant and continued to act as a child until his favorite childhood servant, who acted as his real mother, passed away. The young prince became an adult, left the baker, his true love and married as the Queen directed. He lived a lonely life and on his deathbed he had a stranger visit. The old person placed a small figure into his hand, he looked at it and he passed away with a smile. The figure was the same one his true love, the baker, took from the first wedding cake. The crowd was in tears. The performance even moved White Dove much to her amazement. The dancer asked if Naka and Mara would like to return the next day to see them practice for the next show.

Idel, Reyny and Zaiku went into the markets to show Reyny what to look for. Zaiku attempted to sneak up on a guard who was beating a citizen when he was spotted. He returned to Reyny to explain how not to do that again. What could he learn from the incident? They walked around and scouted the area when Zaiku noticed two people holding a slave by the shirt. The people were watching for carts to pass by. Zaiku picked up that they were about to push the slave in the path of a large cart. Zaiku interceded and asked to purchase the slave. They haggled a little bit and after Zaiku gave them some money he confused them with making change that he got back almost half of what he offered. The people left. Zaiku began to notice that the drugged slave, a 9 year old named Mongo, was not quite right in the head. He headed back to the hotel where he waited for everyone else to arrive.
Later that day, Vashtim and Atash came back to find Zaiku practicing the art of larceny with Reyny. When Zaiku explained how he acquired the slave, Atash said she had been watching this sort of thing happen all around town. It is way more organized that he thought. They decided to go ask the city spirits for permission to track down the criminals.

They traveled to the center of town where Zaiku investigated some bas-reliefs in the hallways leading to the center tower. Zaiku’s past incarnation was revealed to himself as Chiruha, the Shadow of Heaven. He learned that he has a Manse under Great Forks. When the group reached the center of the structure they discovered a single tower with a dome on top that has no windows or doors. It seemed to be made out of one piece of stone. An old groundskeeper was found and he revealed that the city fathers do not arrive except for every few days. Devotees can wait inside for them. Zaiku suggested that Vashtim pray to the spirits to see if they will show up. Vashtim sat and began to pray to the three with his anima activated.

The fiery image of the phoenix rose up over the city.

Tendai emerged from his manse and saw the signal. He made his way quickly to the center of the city. When he arrived he saw an opening appear in the solid stone tower. Two lions made of quicksilver stepped out to stand guard over the doorway. The Celestial Lions watched the group as the three city spirits stepped out. The group made their case to track down and root out the criminal organization. The three agreed to let them if they bring the ringleaders back for punishment. With that they stepped back into the doorway and it closed.

On the way back to the hotel, the group met up with White Dove, Mara and Naka as they exited The Pillow. Everyone decided to go to bed for the evening. Even Atash.

Early in the morning, Atash sat up in bed. Her nightmares kept her up all evening. She dressed quietly and then headed out the door.

Zaiku awoke to the sound of the door closing. He went to her bed and checked to see how long she had been gone. Vashtim was returning from walking Bubastis when he saw Zaiku standing over an empty bed.

They decided to go find her.

Atash found a local bar and began to gamble. She won a round and then won again despite the other people cheating. After several drinks and a few more wins, Zaiku looks into a window and sees Atash stand up and punch a man in the face. She pulls out her sword and flourishes her weapons, which stops the other bar patrons in their tracks. They charge at her and she lobs the head off of a guy.

The head rolls out the door and stops at the feet of Vashtim as he arrives.

She is about to lay waste to the others when Zaiku activates his combo and strikes Atash with his sword still in the scabbard. She goes down and is dragged back to the hotel as the sun is rising.

No Stone Unturned
Session 2.5

Day Two in Great Forks.

Idel, Zaiku and Reyny went to explore the city and brush up on the ancient art of being sneaky.

Vashtim went to locate the House of Soldiers where he began training in Martial Arts. (He cut some time off of his first dot in MA but forgot that he was still training a dot in Sail.)

Atash uncovers a criminal operation in Great Forks. Money laundering, slaves being purchased, selection process, the one’s that do not make the cut are killed so that compensation is offered up.

Tendai met with Elean, the owner of the apothecary The Golden Cup to try and work on his own remedy for Sea Sickness. They talked shop and she offered to help him learn a specialty. (He worked with her for several hours to cut down on the training time that it would normally take). He was told to go gather herbs for his latest remedy. While hunting for the herbs near the river he stumbled into an opening in the ground. His exploration triggered his previous incarnation of himself where he came to understand that this was his Manse. He also discovered that in the final days he was working on a Royal Warstrider which was found sitting in the Manse. He also discovered that the Manse houses a large wing dedicated to healing injured workers.

White Dove decided to go with Mara and Naka to see another show at The Pillow.

That's Entertainment
Session 2.4

The next morning on the 9th day of Ascending Air, the circle awoke to a beautiful morning. Tea and breakfast was brought to the ornate rooms that are reminiscent of the Imperial City on the Blessed Isle. White Dove took her breakfast on the balcony and noticed that a few miles out from the city storms raged on. They seemed to split in half and move around the city.

Naka, Idel, Mara, Reyny and Zaiku made plans to visit the markets while Atash and Woo Lee-Gu decided to sell the ship and get another one. Vashtim went off looking for a dojo to use to train Mara and Reyny while they were in Great Forks. Tendai wanted to find an apothecary where he could resupply and possibly look for a remedy for sea-sickness. White Dove decided that she needed to treat herself after her boat trip.

Tendai found two places that could fill his needs but decided to visit The Golden Cup. He met an older lady named, Elean who helped him find all the supplies he needed. She also offered him a remedy for sea-sickness that they offered. It looked like grapes. She told him not to get them wet or they would dissolve. It is called Phorcys.

Atash was able to sell off her current vessel and get a smaller vessel that was much quicker, more maneuverable and not known for leaving Nexus in a hurry. They took the ship to the other side of the docks and Woo Lee-Gu traded it in for another ship of the same size. At the request of Atash the ship was painted and decked out with new sails. The interior of the ship was also dressed up and cleaned. It was also augmented to go quicker than it would normally be able to go. This process is going to take a few days to make the modifications.

White Dove managed to find a museum but became distracted by the crowd of people moving toward the fair grounds. People in the crowd were talking about the festivities today. She decided to go with them. As she approached the small ziggurat she noticed a small stage with a wooden effigy on the central structure where people were depositing gifts to the little god called Enet, the god of the thresholds. He is the god that protects people from stubbing their toe on the threshold and tripping when carrying a newlywed over the threshold. As she got closer, the crowd began to push her along. White Dove noticed that everyone had something to place on the alter except her. She managed to talk a lady out of some apples just in time to place them at the feet of the wooden image of the god. At high Noon the statue was lit on fire. The crowd goes crazy. Vendors begin to sell food, musicians start playing and drinks are passed around.

Naka and Mara were looking at all the bright and shiny things for sale while Reyny was being watched over by Zaiku. Reyny deflty lifted a very valuable object from a vender. Zaiku was the only person who saw this and he in turn lifted it from Reyny and replaced the item back on the venders table. Idel walked along with them but did not engage the group much. She continually stopped and closed her eyes while turning her face to the sun. Mara found a flier for a show happening nearby and asked to go see it. Reyny complained and as they walked he finally noticed that he no longer had the object he took. He very carefully checked his other pockets to see if he put it somewhere else. Then he looked around to see if he dropped it. Zaiku bent down and asked him if he had lost something. Reyny looked at him carefully and then blurted out that he had lost his fire opal cup. Zaiku scolded him and told him that people get their hands cut off for stealing, so make sure that it is more valuable than your hand. Naka approached to talk to the group about the show when Reyny told her that he wanted to find something more valuable than his hand to steal. Naka slowly turned to Zaiku. Everyone decided to go see the show except Idel. She wanted to walk around the city some more. The group entered into The Pillow where the show began with musicians playing as a female figure in veils and bells began to dance. The tale was of love found, forced apart and then lost. Everyone in attendance was overcome with emotions. Several people passed out and were removed. Zaiku used the force of will to overcome being emotionally moved by the performance. After the performance was over the dancer approached Naka and Mara where she bent down between the two and whispered something to them. They both began to cry. The dancer left. The crowd was talking of Glimmering Perfect Rainbow Star and how the shows have been going on for six years. Several people have been so overcome with emotion that they have passed away during the shows.

Back at the festival White Dove was listening to music and watching the crowd when she noticed Atash approach with a bottle of rum. They sat together and enjoyed the activities as well as the drink. Eventually Tendai was located walking around the party and joined the ladies. Atash commented that at least she was not as drunk as that guy. The group turned to see Vashtim surrounded by ladies feeding him drinks. That is when his clothes came off. They decided to remove him from the party and return to the hotel.

On the way back the group met up with Zaiku and the mortals. Vashtim tells the kids that he has located a dojo to practice in while they are here. As soon as the group arrives back in the hotel everyone passes out for the evening. Atash has horrible dreams and gets little sleep that night.

Those Left Behind
Session 2.3

The journey to Great Forks was plagued by terrible storms, sea-sickness and depression. The crew of the Red Cutlass began to notice that Idel was neglecting her children and becoming a shut-in. Tendai, Zaiku and Vashtim worked to get her out of her room. They spent several days comforting her and getting her to bathe herself. Naka worked to keep the children’s spirits up and not to worry about their mother.

A few days later Vashtim noticed Mara up on deck during a storm. She was practicing using her father’s sword. He decided to teach her how to use the sword and channel her anger and sorrow. Zaiku barely spotted Reyny hiding in some rigging and decided to help him develop his skills at becoming invisible. Zaiku also took note that he was also good with a sword. So he began his training.

White Dove was very sick for the last several days of the trip.

Atash began to display a knack for cruelty towards Woo Lee-Gu which eventually transferred to the rest of the crew. It reached a crescendo by the time the ship reached Great Forks.

Upon docking the group was met by the three spirits who protect the city, Spinner of Glorious Tales (Talespinner) who appeared as a human male, middle aged and roughened from travel, with a halo of yellow light around his head. Weaver of Dreams of Victory (Dreamweaver) who looked like an ever-changing cascade of all the people those who see it have ever known. Finally, Shield of a Different Day (Dayshield) in the guise of a strong warrior, proud and beautiful, with raven tresses and eyes like granite. She carrieed a large shield and a lance of silver. They told the group that they were welcome in Great Forks but they were to cause no harm to any of its citizens or the city itself. Dreamweaver noticed something was strange about Atash and she approached her and touched her forehead. Atash collapsed and Dreamweaver said now she is back in control. The circle picked up Atash and entered the city of festivals.

White Dove located the best lodgings within the city, The Sapphire Rose, and they group crashed.

Raiton and the River Dragon
Session 2.2

[Since Mike was absent the previous session, we back tracked a bit]

Tendai prepares the body of Anden and goes about the business of setting the body to rest. Many options are offered up, but the family decides to go with the traditional Nathir burial procedures.

The ceremony is preformed and Vashtim, Zaiku and Tendai. The family is soothed by the kind words. The body is dropped into the river.

[The River Dragon begins to follow the ship and the crew became aware that a large Raiton is following Red Cutlass. Raiton lands on the fourth day]

Raiton introduces herself and tells the story of the First Age. The Usurpation and the reign of the Scarlet Empress. She names White Dove’s previous incarnation Brilliant Becio, Mighty Diamond Ghost of the Empty East. She also triggers the groups memories of their previous lives. Tendai remembers his time in the Jade Prison with crystal clarity. Raiton tells the group to come and see her in Great Forks.

The next day the River Dragon attacks. Zaiku tosses a plank into the water and leaps out on it. He floats downstream. The River Dragon passes by the boat and looks directly at Vashtim. Atash beaches the boat and Vashtim lept down to the shore and waited. The River Dragon charged Vashtim. Atash joined the battle on the shore. White Dove attacked with her chakram. Tendai stayed below to make sure everyone was safe. Zaiku swam to shore down river. Animas flaring, the group attacked the River Dragon and it only attacked Vashtim. Zaiku arrived to attack the River Dragon just before Atash made the death blow.

The Great Escape
Session 2.1

Music for the opening credits

Last time on Exalted: A Contest of Nisse and Release . . .

Wu Lee-Gu, Naka, Idel and Anden pleading in unison: “We need your help to save Nathir.”

River Games erupting in cheers. Gladiators fighting in the arena.

The group viewing the games, healing wounded, jumping into the arena.

Fighting gladiators. Being launched through the air. Evading Dragon-Blooded. Anden and Reyny are saved.

Animas erupting in various forms. Onlookers are shocked. Ragara Camasto and Cathak Athyen in unison saying “The Wyld Hunt is on it’s way”

Close up of Tepet Yumi’s mouth as she whispers “Your father is here”

Zombies attack. Atash wakes up in a Manse. Bedre moving into shadow saying “We will meet again”

The group leaving White Doves estate. Everyone gets to the Red Cutlass and it start to set sail.

Anden panics and erupts into solar essence as he exalts Dawn caste. He is cut in half by a fiery Blue Jade spear. He falls to the deck dead and the spear vanishes.

Opening Title – A Contest of Nisse and Release

Atash exalts on a ship. A giant octopus rises up out of the ocean and engulfs the ship.
Close up of Atash disarming someone and holding the sword at them, Shakil jumps on her shoulder and screams in defiance.

Vashtim exalts in a coliseum. A phoenix engulfs the coliseum.
Close up of Vashitm being launched out of a catapult flying through the air and landing on top of a wall.

White Dove Fans Her Wings and Brings Serenity exalts in a burning house. A flock of ravens surrounds her as she runs into the woods.
Close up of White Dove whispering in someone’s ear, they in turn tell her something and she gets up and walks away.

Tendai exalts in a village square. The image of a woman bowing erupts over the treetops.
Close up of Tendai as he heals several gladiators by absorbing their damage.

Zaiku exalts in a courtyard. A towering shogun anima stands over a one armed man lying on the ground.
Close up of Zaiku as he slips into the shadows while searching hallways and corridors.

A constellation shifts in the night sky.

A city with canals filled with water instead of streets. The canals are set up in concentric circles radiating out from the center.

A field of glass flowers and trees with gemstone fruit blows in the breeze along with giant white pollen clouds in the distance.

Ghosts lingering in hard labor in front of a pyramid in shadow. The pyramid pulses up and out with a sick green light.

A harem of people lounging on pillows. A tall man in a burnt mask sits in the middle of them all.

A train of slaves moving into a glass court as Fair Folk examine them in detail.

A large death knight traveling at the front of an undead army.

Fair Folk warriors plucking weapons out of the ground, trees and thin air.

A city of canals on fire.

Atash pulled the Red Cutlass from the pier. Everyone saw that there were three Wyld Hunt ships waiting for them.

Vashtim, White Dove and Tendai helped clear the deck of the remaining mortals including Idel and her children. They were taken below.

Exodus from nexus

Atash decided to utilize the cities canals to try to lose her pursuers since it would be difficult for them to navigate. Also the Wyld Hunt ships would not be able to get alongside her and board the Red Cutlass.

She started for one of the larger canals and was cut off by the Trident of Volturnus.

Atash managed to turn the ship down a more narrow canal where the Trident had trouble maneuvering the turns. Atash use a charm to fill her sails with wind even though she was travelling against the wind.

Zaiku climbed to the top of the rigging to keep track of the following ships. His birds-eye-view allowed him to see that the other two ships were blocking the ways out of the Nexus Docks and that the Trident and the Jade Wrath almost collided while moving past one another.

Atash flew down the narrow canal avoiding other boats and turned a corner too sharply. The Red Cutlass ran over a small fishing boat. The fisherman drowned.

The Trident of Volturnus picked up speed coming down the now, mostly cleared canal but when it reached the sharp turn it has to slow considerably. This allowed the Atash to gain enough of a lead to make it to the Nighthammer Docks. She unknowingly sailed past another Wyld Hunt ship called the Empress’ Arrow without either ship spotting the other. Once out into the Grey River she got out of sight of Nexus and looped around to the far side of the Yellow River and sailed upriver towards Great Forks.

A day into the trip, Zaiku noticed that there was a great black bird trailing the ship. It never got closer or farther away. It simply followed.

Vashtim jumped into the river and gathered some rocks to throw at the bird. He also picked up a hungry River Dragon that began to follow the Red Cutlass.

A few more days passed and Vashtim noticed the River Dragon.

On the fourth day while White Dove was pulling watch duty the bird landed on the boat and watched her. The bird was a Raiton and it was much larger than any she had seen before. White Dove woke up Zaiku who was sleeping on the deck. He stood up, looked the bird over and decided that it might be a little god. So he bowed, deeply. The bird lowered its head but when it lost eye contact with Zaiku it glanced at White Dove confused. Zaiku stood up and said “Hello”.

The voice of an old woman resounded in their minds it said “Greetings”

White Dove then understood that the bird might be something more that it appeared. Something older and wiser that anyone she had met in her life. She started formal introduction of each party member using the ancient nicknames of their castes.

“Welcome back to the world Celestials.” Ration answered.

Episode 1.10
After-Party and Departure

The quick zombies charge into the Ovid’s estate. White Dove tracked the undead through the estate until she realized that they were all heading upstairs with intense purpose.

She goes outside to tell a blazing Vashtim who was cleaning up the last few altered zombies. The newly killed began to stir before her eyes she tells Vashtim. Then she notices that Atash is not where she fell.

Both White Dove and Vashtim head inside to track the fast zombies. Vashtim cuts down the shambling dead as they go. They come to a hallway where several stumbling dead linger. Vashtim begins to whirl Sun Splinter over his head while turning in circles and moving down the hall. Time slows as chunks of plaster from the walls fill the air. The shambling dead pause from the intense righteous flames pouring off of Vashtim’s aura. The shamblers are sliced into pieces sending heads, hands, arms, legs and gore in all directions. White Dove glides along behind him, not a hair out of place, head bowed and gently fanning her face.

Upon reaching Ovid’s study they see that the balcony has a pile of furniture on it and several quick zombies trying to climb up to get to the roof. Vashtim picks up a fainting couch and charges the nearest one. It dodges and grabs the couch turns and tosses Vashtim off the balcony. He lands in a fountain in the yard below. As he looks up he sees Ovid and a few people on the roof. Ovid calls out Vashtim’s name. Two of the zombies leap down after Vashtim. White Dove moves outside quietly and makes sure Vashtim is safe. She then saw that Ovid was on the roof with a few others.

White Dove hides in the study and watches as another quick zombie enters and looks up through the ceiling at where Ovid is standing. It then moves outside and tries to climb up the pile of furniture.

Vashtim dispatches the zombies that followed him and races upstairs.

Using his last reserves of Willpower and Essence Vashtim becomes a blur of Orichalcum as he moves through the group of dead. The phoenix of essence blazes several stories into the night sky over Bastion District. As he comes to a stop the zombies fall to the ground dead, again. The anima cuts down to a blazing bonfire. Depleted of his essence he leans on his large golden sword. White Dove glides on to the balcony. She asks if everyone is alright.

Ovid calls down that they are alright but a woman has been hurt. White Dove and Vashtim get everyone down from the roof and as they are exiting the estate the woman collapses and coughs up blood. Vashtim tells White Dove to take everyone else outside. The woman looks up at Ovid’s wife as she reaches out to help the woman up, and she hisses at her.

The group goes outside and Vashtim takes care of the woman. Ovid’s wife tells White Dove that the woman was her sister.

White Dove takes Ovid and his wife back to her estate. She tells Tendai and Zaiku. They tell her of Tepet Yummi’s visit.

Vashtim waits at Ovid’s until the local mercenary group shows up. He helps them clear the grounds. He suddenly realizes that Atash is missing. He doggedly searches for her over the next few hours.

Unknown to him, Atash has been brought to a crypt below the estate. She awakes fully healed to find herself inside the last resting place of a mighty solar. The place has several antechambers filled with weapons and armor. She finds a hearthstone set in a tiara upon her head. A figure stands in the corner. He looks like he is in pain. It is Bedre. He tells her that she needs to stay here for a while longer so she can fully attune to the manse. He bids her farewell and leaves. As he goes she notices that his shadow is not in sync with his movements and it looks decrepit and wrong. She rests there for a few hours.

Vashtim hears something is the back part of the estate grounds. As he moves closer to the sound he sees a statue move back into place and click. After examining the statue he sees that there is a series of triggers that have to be adjusted in order to open the crypt. Several hours later he cracks the code and the statue pulls back to reveal Atash moving up and out of the manse. She tells him to go down and pick out some weapons and armor for him and the others. They both eventually make it back to White Dove’s house.

After breakfast the group decides to leave Nexus at noon. White Dove tries to get supplies together and make several decoys but finds that her efforts are being blocked by supernatural forces.

Atash goes directly to her ship and notices that there is a very large number of Imperial ships moored in the Yellow River.

Vashtim goes to The Jade Order to see if they can smuggle him to the dock. They agree.

White Dove takes off her make-up and dresses as a servant. She heads out with Naka and they sneak down to the docks.

Tendai takes the rest of the mortals through the markets and eventually to the dock. Everyone is dressed like servants. Anden sees the ships guarding the river and starts to panic.

Zaiku leaves and leads the people watching the house on a wild goose chase through the city where he ditches them and sneaks to the dock.

Atash starts to move the Red Cutlass out of the dock and into the Yellow River. White Dove notices the Wyld Hunt ships start to pull anchor and move toward them. Anden sees this as well and begins to freak out. Saying things like “They are going to capture us” and “I can’t endanger my son again”.

Anden erupts into golden essence and light. The totem of a golden tornado fills the sky above the Red Cutlass. Suddenly a blazing blue jade spear tears through the face and chest of Anden, killing him instantly.


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